My Hero Academia Review and Thoughts
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Posted 7/12/16 , edited 7/12/16
Check it out here! Let me know what you think.
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Posted 7/14/16 , edited 7/14/16
I won't check the link.

I like the anime and manga. I expect that the anime would cover more stuff/action. There are a lot of characters, and not all of them would be covered in the manga due to pacing and editing.

The manga covers look awesome. Very promising.

I like the cover for villain Stain. It looks like a Marvel/DC comic cover.

If the author does it right, Japan could have their own Marvel/DC characters. I know it's a far reached. And, most of the time, the manga has an end. Compared to American comics, their characters have longevity-- but inconsistent stories. Their characters are being handled by many artists and authors. So yea, A mur ica.
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Posted 8/14/16 , edited 8/14/16
my thoughts on the show is that its a pretty well thought manga. sure the idea has been thrown around i.e. one punch man. but its how the author is representing the story because the story could be just about his high school school life, and after high school the author could do another series dealing with a timeskip. Like I said the limits are endless on how the author could go on with the show.
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Posted 12/23/17 , edited 12/24/17
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