What anime should I watch next?
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Posted 7/13/16
Some anime that I really enjoyed,

1) Akame Ga Kill
2)Naruto/Shippuden (dont mind the fillers, they explain all the character traits)
3) Aldnoah Zero
4) Bleach
5) Case Closed (periodically when Im in the mood for a detective)
6) FATE/ZERO ( I must have watched Gilgamesh vs Rider 1000 times. )
7) Another

Some non-anime movies I like
1) 300
2) Tears of the Sun
3) King Alexander
4) Warrior
5) Ip Man 1/2/3/
6) Anything Marvel or DC

I enjoy mostly anime that have a "imperial" feel to it. Like a chain of command. Also with a hint of god like influence or a mythical story line based on some interpretation of a real life myth.
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Posted 7/14/16
If you haven't already go watch FATE/UBW (The new one), I personally preferred it over ZERO.

Besides that obvious one (That you've probably watched already), here are a few action/sifi/horror shows that you might like;

1. Parasyte - the maxim (Gorey and action packed, one of my favs)
2. Mirai Nikki (Action and Sifi w/ a bit of romance)
3. Elfen Lied (Lots of action and gore; there is nudity just so you know)
4. Deadman Wonderland (Good action show, just incomplete. Manga is good however)
5. Psycho Pass (Good action and story)
6. Higurashi : When they cry (Good story driven show, lots of children killing each other )
7. Gurren Lagann (Must watch for anyone into anime imo)
8. Monogatari series (Ton of stuff here; I wouldn't call it purely action, but it has it's fair share)
9. Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Took me a while to get into but the ending is very good imo)
10. Re:ZERO (Currently airing, very popular. I'm personally like it, but might not be your type of thing)

I've got a TON more since I'm not to into the whole action genre myself, so if you have questions feel free to reply and ask for more
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Posted 7/14/16
Heroic Legend of Arslan. Big epic battles. Intrigue. Ancient/medieval look, which you seem to like from your movies.
K. Plot. Mystery. Great characters. Also good fight scenes. Modern urban setting.
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Posted 1/3/18
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