JoJo part 4
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Posted 7/14/16 , edited 7/14/16
I love it, i think that Josuke was a really nice stepping stone that gave Giorno, Jolyne, Johnny and Hat Josuke ( i like calling him that) a lot more character after Jotaro killed charactarization.

i also love Kira as a villian, he's cunning like DIO but not hammy, and he feels more of a threat than the Pillar Men or DIO ever were.

The supporting characters are so fun, and the villian of the week formula worked WAY better in this than in Stardust Crusaders, because they established the 3 main characters (Josuke, Koichi and Okuyasu) first, and then they made the villian of the week starting with the Koichi (Echoes) arc, instead of doing it after the battle with Kakyoin in Stardust.

Love this series and love this part.

What are your thoughts on it?
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Posted 7/15/16 , edited 7/15/16
It's probably my favourite part.

I agree that the main characters are better established. In Part 3, it was really the Jotaro and Polnareff show, with fights swapping between Jotaro's serious and Polnareff's comedic. Kakyoin had, like, two important fights. Avdol was only really there to give Polnareff depth, right up to the end. And even Joseph was mostly (albeit hilarious, entertaining) background noise.

But Josuke, Koichi, and Okuyasu have a much better balance, with each filling an important role. The cool badass leader, the typical inexperienced "shounen" hero with hidden potential, and the comic relief who can still kick ass.

And the stand abilities are much more creative. Hirohiko really has fun with the concept. Part 3's stands were very "direct" in their attacks (fire, ice, sword, punch, another type of sword, more punches, a car that rams you, etc.), but Part 4 is much more about traps and tricks. A certain "landmine" death comes to mind. It's where the series really starts making the reader confused. "How does this enemy stand even work? How will the hero overcome this mystery?"

But I could write an essay about it, so I'll leave it at that. I also agree that Kira is an incredible villain. He's so wicked.
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