Matoi: The Sacred Slayer Anticipation
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Posted 7/14/16 , edited 10/4/16
Now that it's aired, join the discussion at /forumtopic-968131/matoi-the-sacred-slayer-discussion

White Fox's original TV anime 'Matoi: The Sacred Slayer' Announced for Fall 2016.
Masayuki Sakoi is the director.

Promo video

Plot Summary

The story is set in 2016 and centers on 14-year-old girl Matoi Sumeragi, who is a second-year junior high school student now. She also works as a part-time miko (shrine maiden) at Tenman Jinjya (Tenman Shrine) in Kamaya-city. One day her special ability that can turn away evil spirits by wearing "Gods" awakes. With her best friend Yuma Kusanagi, who was born in a family of the kannushi (shinto priest) clan at the shrine, she decides to begin anti-evil activity in order to get back her normal life.

Official site
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