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Posted 7/16/16 , edited 7/16/16
much like steam has with reviewers hours played of a game, it would be nice to have any review of a series or show display the numbers of hours or episodes watched (at least 75% of the ep to count as watched) in the reviewed topic. granted this could be faked by the reviewer to show the full series by just letting it play and walk away. however, many of the reviewers i doubt would do something like that. this would help understanding relevance of the review...

likewise, say if it were written at release of ep1 time frame, that it showed something along that line.

that if there were say 24 ep in the series, and the review was written at either the release of say ep1, i think it would be nice to move to bottom any review that was written early on, or that they at that time had only watched minimal amounts of it. if they edited it later on that it might move it up.

currently you have to go on their word that they have actually watched it.
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