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Accidentally Starting An Anime On Season 2+
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Posted 7/17/16 , edited 7/18/16

Operative_light wrote:

I did it with Fate/Stay UBW... Didn't know Zero existed :/

Fate's a bit different though, as Zero was written as a prequel, i.e. it was originally written for fans of the original story, and so it doesn't really matter which order you consume Zero and Stay Night. I am personally of the opinion that viewing Stay Night (any iteration, UBW anime is probably the best option) before Zero is actually the wiser choice, because some of the established facts of Zero are the source of major suspense and mystery in Stay Night, where they are not supposed to be already known by the viewer (because the source material was made first) etc. (of course, you could also argue the opposite but w/e).


Regardless of this, I don't think I've ever started a series from season 2 or later, but the worst thing in the world is accidentally skipping an episode and then having to go back, watch it, and then decide whether to rewatch the subsequent episodes you watched or just to continue from the episode after the latest one you've watched. If that wasn't very clear, I will explain with the example of when it happened to me with Psycho Pass 2. This was when I had only recently gotten into anime and was not aware that legal streaming services were a thing, thus I was merrily watching on some crappy illegal site that only uploaded in 360p quality. Basically, they hadn't uploaded episode 4 (for some reason), and it wasn't until I happened to notice it say 'episode 6' in the opening credits two episodes later that I realised I had missed an episode, which made me extremely confused. I then, after having watched episodes 1, 2, 3 and 5, had to go back and watch 4, piece together what developments had been made in episode 5 (because I couldn't be bothered to rewatch the episode, which would likely have been the wiser choice), and finally resume from episode 6. Maybe one day I'll rewatch it in the correct sequence.
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Posted 7/22/16 , edited 7/22/16
I think I did that once... Maybe more than once? I don't remember what series I did it on, but I'm pretty sure I've done it before.
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Posted 1/5/18 , edited 1/5/18
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