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19 / M / Netherland
Posted 7/16/16
So are you on vacation, you go on holiday or have you been on holiday, then tell us something about it.

I start so that you have an idea how it works.

I have three months of summer vacation. I am now in the last month. I've been spending a week in Turkey, last week I was in a campsite in belgium with a couple of friends. We had two days of good weather the other days were a little cold but it was fun. Maybe I'll go over a few weeks to Italy?
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Posted 7/16/16 , edited 7/18/16
I dont know what to write.

I just say this: 3scary5you
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17 / F
Posted 7/16/16
It's my summer break right now, and I haven't been going out of my house since the last day of school. I really want to do stuff, but it's too hot out. It's always 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37+ degrees Celsius?). I'm afraid I might melt before taking a step.
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21 / F / buried under my s...
Posted 7/18/16
For the first half of summer break I've been in China for the first time... though technically it is for my studies and not for the holidays but I still had a lot of fun! Went to a lot of touristy places like the Great Wall and ate lots of good food & if given the chance I'd definitely go back someday. Now I'm back home occupying myself between a part time job, pokemon go, and of course anime!!
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23 / M / Australia
Posted 7/21/16
I just came back from a 8 day holiday In Phuket, Thailand and it was okay.

Went with family and family friends as it was to celebrate my mum turning 50.
Spent most of the days walking around looking at stuff and doing a few touristy things like ATV motor biking through the jungle, go karting, banana banana boat riding and swimming on picturesque beaches.

Had a blast.

The trip wasn't all that pleasant though since I had lengthy layovers at Changi Airport, the most was 12 hours but was okay nonetheless as the airport is huge.
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Posted 7/22/16
I'm going to Maine for my summer break. So lovely there. Planning a trip to South Carolina to go birding. I'm a poor student so I can't afford extravagant trips. Gotta pack my own lunches to save a few dimes.
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Posted 12/26/17
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