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What weeby music do you listen to?
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Posted 7/17/16 , edited 7/17/16
I've been making a weeb mix for myself to listen to. I have a bunch of songs that I like and I just discovered Teddyloid and am pretty blown away by his stuff. And, I really just ran into his stuff by chance. So, I was hoping that everyone could post what weeby music they like here and hopefully it will make find great tunes easier.

Just in case you don't know what I mean by weeby, I mean anything Japanese media related (for example: OP songs, Nintendo remixs, Original songs from Japan, etc... just whatever.)
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20 / F / Philippines
Posted 7/17/16 , edited 7/17/16
I really love Utamonogatari, it's an album of all the songs from the Monogatari series.
ONE OK ROCK and Sekai no Owari are Japanese bands I love listening too as well c':
and if you want to go full weeb, there's Vocaloid music too o vo
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Posted 7/17/16 , edited 7/17/16
I love Vocaloid music. I have watched a few of the Monogatari series and like the music from them. Namely Bakemonogatari opening presentation with Kana Hanazawa - Renai Circulation. So, I'll diffidently check out Utamongatari. I've never heard of ONE OK ROCK and Sekai no Owari, I'll check them out as well. Thank you very much!
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☆Land of sweets☆
Posted 7/17/16 , edited 7/17/16
ClariS, Duca, StylipS, Ciel, Supercell as well as anime openings/endings/insert songs and love live / idolmaster / cinderella girls / etc.
used to be a fan of vocaloid, but now i prefer utattes (people that try and sing vocaloid songs) such as F9 and Kano. :p
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24 / M / Mother Base
Posted 7/17/16 , edited 7/17/16
I listen to a lot of Love Live. Like, a lot. But when I'm not listening to them, I'm playing supercell, EGOIST, Yanagi Nagi, YuRiCa, Aimer, other J-Pop things like that.

I'm also a big fan of composers too. Hiroyuki Sawano makes a killer soundtrack (Attack on Titan, Kill la Kill, Kanberi, as does Yuki Kajiura. (F/SN, SAO, also founding member of Kalafina.)

I can't really do vocaloid though. Just... Microsoft Sam. That's all I hear.
Posted 7/17/16 , edited 9/26/16
My Soul Your Beats! by Lia
Ask DNA by The Seatbelts
Gotta Knock a Little Harder by The Seatbelts
Tank by The Seatbelts
Call Me Call Me by Steve Conte
Arrietty's song by Cécile Corbel
Period by Chemistry
Colors by Flow
World End by Flow
Shunkan Sentimental by Scandal
Resonance by T.M. Revolution
Let It Out by Miho Fukuhara
Rewrite by Asian Kung-fu Generation
Ready Steady Go by L'Arc~en~Ciel
A lot of Joe Hisaishi music.
Ponyo theme by Noah Cyrus and Franklin Jonas
Magia by Kalafina
Guren no Yumiya and Jiyuu no Tsubasa by Linked Horizon
Again by Yui
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Posted 7/17/16 , edited 7/17/16
Just a bunch of bands that show up on my playlist:

<3LiSA (SAO op)
Bradio (Death Parade op)
The Pillows (FLCL op)
Asian Kung Fu Generation (ERASED op,)
Mao Abe
Wagakki Band

One of the Naruto themes for some reason? (found it:

Thats all I can remember atm. Dislike Vocaloids, I can never get past the voice, but I guess I can see why people like it.
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M / Chicago
Posted 7/17/16 , edited 7/17/16
Here's a few of the Japanese bands that I listen to sometimes.

Suiyobi no Campanella
Seiko Oomori
Kinoko Teikoku

Just thought I'd give two cents. I'd give more input but I feel like my tastes are a little different from yours. Hope it helps though!
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Posted 7/17/16 , edited 7/18/16
I don't know what kind of music taste you have but I gotta plug Malice Mizer, my one true love of Japanese bands. Pretty unique sound, a lot of fun. A favorite of mine as a preteen and well gosh I still love them to death.

If you give them a try I'd start with the Gackt albums Voyage ~Sans Retour~ and Merveilles, they're both good, solid, consistent albums.

At the very least if you don't like them their photos and concert videos are a hoot, so check 'em out. Visual kei at it's height.
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Posted 7/24/16 , edited 7/25/16
I know of stereopony, Asian Kung Fu Generation, Sekai no Owari, Supercell, ONEOKROCK, Flow, Golden Bomber (not too sure if you can consider them weeby though, same with Sekai no Owari)

I actually never used to listen to this kind of music, but when I decided to take Japanese in college, my friend/ tutor recommended some bands to listen to for practice and I kind of like it now.

OH, and don't forget BABYMETAL and Ladybaby lol
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23 / O
Posted 7/29/16 , edited 7/29/16 actually made a playlist with a lot of my favorite Japanese bands
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50 / M / New England, USA
Posted 7/29/16 , edited 7/30/16
Hmmm, let's see...
Haruka Tomatsu/Sphere
Sawano/NZK/Mika Kobayashi/Yosh/Maaya Sakamoto/Mica Caldito/Gemie
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
LiSA/Girls Dead Monster
Fiction Junction/Kalafina
Meme Mimi Meme
Ling Tosite Sigure
Petit Milady
Coffin Princess
Kana Hanazawa
Mariya Nichiushi
Kanon Wakeshima
Maaya Uchida
Mikako Komatsu
Nagi Yanagi
Rei Yasuda

Those are the ones off the top of my head. I know I'm missing a few.
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17 / M / ZZ9PluralZAlpha
Posted 7/29/16 , edited 7/30/16
The Seatbelts. (They did cowboy bebop)
Zankyou no Terror soundtrack. (R.I.P VON)
Posted 7/29/16 , edited 7/30/16
I never understood how listening to Japanese music is weeabo what if someone Japan listen to American music.
It's really dumb.
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20 / M / Washington
Posted 8/1/16 , edited 8/2/16
Really, the only music I currently listen to from time to time that could be considered "weeabooish" are the OSTs from Gurren Lagann and Panty and Stocking (moreso the former). I haven't actually listened to anything that could be considered outright weebish (J-pop/rock, Vocaloid, etc) in several years, tho'.

I see a lotta people have made some great suggestions though, particularly The Seatbelts; I'm shocked I haven't listened to them aside from friggin' TANK!
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