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Posted 7/19/16 , edited 2/8/17
My main suggestion is an Auto sort feature but I'll get to that after a side suggestion.

I have seen this one suggested over and over and it would make my suggestion make a bit more sense to implement. It might me a good idea to separate the queue into multiple categories. These categories could be set by default or they could be user defined. The later being more taxing on CR website coding staff.

Anywho for the default options they could be a simple group of Watching, Completed, Favorite and Pending possibly with the Favorite category being displayable within the users Profile.

With the user defined option this is kind of stealing a bit from Youtube but users could set up individual lists based on whatever they wish. Such as the 4 listed in the previous example but could include descriptive things like Gory, Tear Jerkers, Soul Crushers, Quick Laugh, Waifu, Dark Beyond Belief, 5 Minute Funnies. Or even go more in depth such as sorting by Production studio or Favorite Voice Actors. Or even a category for anime that a person is hoping will get further seasons.

Which kind of leads me into my main suggestion with so many Anime coming out per season granted some more than others but ranging from 18 up to 40 ( i believe i counted one season having around 40 separate anime airing per week of which i was watching 35) but with the massive amount of anime series organizing them in your Queue can be a daunting task.(dont get me wrong the drag and drop is a great way to organize) Though when you are searching out the information pages for each show and then trying to sort them out by release date and time, or even trying to sort older anime by season it does get to be overwhelming. I am suggesting an Auto sort feature to be added to the queue.
Options for which could include A-Z ascending /descending, Length, Release date (chronological order) With start day sub-option. Sort chronologically starting from Sunday or Monday. Even sort by season.

The reason i put the Queue management first is because it would be more efficient to sort the sub groups than it would be to sort a massive Queue of 100+ of anime that have been kept in the queue as a placeholder to rewatch. As well as anime that arent current simulcast that you havent watched yet but have been meaning to watch that may get lost if the auto sort feature jumbled up your queue.
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