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Posted 7/20/16
Not sure how to start, so I guess I'll just start by blabbering about some backgroundish happenings. If you are not interested in those, please continue reading from where the italic text ends. Thank you.
Mods/admins, I was unsure where to put this, so feel free to move or something if necessary. Personally I find this gaming-related, once I get past the reasons I made this chain.

So, for a long time I'd felt like getting into tabletop RPing. Taking part in sessions, maybe even creating games myself, all that stuff. There were basically two problems, however: first, I lacked the people to even begin to play with, and second I had zero resources/skills to make sessions and even less physical space in my apartment to use for such. Thus, I ended up burying thoughts of attempting to get into tabletop RPs.
This changed when I found the product in question - not to advertise anything, thought -, and suddenly came to realize that with this product I could at least try to awake my old plans. The product, of course, was as the name of topic suggests, "Revolution Virtual Play Space", or RVPS for short.
This seemed to be the answer to the space and resource related problems. Yet still I do lack the people - and now I have realized that some folks here might get even interested...

To put it short, I am currently looking for people (with Steam account) to a) plan the games that shall then be created with RVPS (I can do the creating part with some time, but ideas are always listened to) and b) join the game sessions after the games are complete.
Please note that attempting requires a Steam account and possession of the product (costs about 20€, propably not much more in dollars, and currently seems to be on sale even). If you are still interested, welcome into the topic where we make the dreams come true!
Oh, and naturally there is still the case of me having to forward a port when things get finished, but it does not seem like a too difficult thing for me to do. Lol.

So yeah, to summarize it all, basically I am attempting to recruit people for tabletop RPing (possibly for both brainstorming the gamea and playing them) in digital form via Steam. Get onboard if this seems like your thing, and bring your own bucket for brain barfs.
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Posted 12/31/17
End of the year clean up ^,^ Closing threads from 2016
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