Anime Themed In Game Name
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Posted 7/21/16
ooking for a new summoner name. I would like it have to do with characters from an anime or just a japanese name. If you know Trinimortal his name is Kaze Rouruni and I just think that's cool af. So for some help coming up with these names My favorite champion is Ahri, My favorite anime are sao, Ano hana, My teen romantic comedy, Chivalry of a failed night, absolute duo, Toradora <3, and Golden time, just to name a few. So the only guidelines is it has to be japanese or from an anime and try to incorperate ahri or one of my fave animes. Other then that please come up with some good names. Thank you.

This was meant for a leauge of legends board so they dont appreciate anime, Ahri is a nine tailed japanese fox lady and trinimortal is a utuber. Also Alucard from hellsing is bae.
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Posted 12/9/17
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