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Posted 8/2/16 , edited 8/2/16

Name: Irene Riessfeld

Gender: female

Age: 24

Height: 5'6

Hair colour: blonde
Eye colour: Arctic blue

Sexuality: straight

Likes: fighting, boys, teasing, dancing, singing, people with odd personalities, being flattered.
Dislikes: being treated like nothing, being disrespected, overly confident people, people who have boring personalities.

Personality: wild, whimsical, calm, thoughtful, tease, playful, odd.

Skills: boxing, kick boxing, dodging, blocking, running, parkour, dancing, singing.

Bio: Irene Riessfeld is an ex soldier who was forced to retire early because she lost her right leg after stepping on a mine, Irene was lucky in that the rest of her body was undamaged, but even after getting a metal leg after surgery the army wouldn't let her join the army again. But even after that Irene felt like something was different, at first she didn't know what it was but on the day she discovered her power she didn't like the way she had learnt it, she had been in the kitchen and had tried to pull out a power cord without realizing the power was still on and she touched the prongs on the cord and an electric shock flooded her body. But it didn't kill her, instead it connected with the power board and shorted out the apartment building she was in, after experimenting Irene found that she could control electricity, from there she used her power and her experience in hand to hand combat to become a free lance fighter who fought for money often enough working for "bad" people as they paid more than "good" people.
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Posted 8/8/16 , edited 8/8/16
Name- Mila
Age- 18
Sex- Female
Sexuality- Bi
+ Close quarters combat
+ Has a strong sense of smell
+ Fast reflexes
- Does not say much
Combat Knife
+ Quick to draw
Small shotgun
? Can be fired with one hand
- Only one shot
Alignment- Chaotic Good
Likes- Sleep, Quiet places, Isha (as a friend)
Dislikes- suspicious people
Bio- Mila's past is shrouded in mystery but Isha does not bring it up so she doesn't say anything. Mila did go to school at some point and judging from her personality she has killed people she doesn't say how many.
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Posted 8/21/16 , edited 8/21/16

Name: Tarren Blask

Gender: male

Age: 25

Height: 6'7

Hair colour: pure white
Eye colour: dark purple

Sexuality: not interested

Likes: hunting, killing, money, fighting, people who pick fights, strong people.
Dislikes: weaklings, rude people, people who think they are better than him, overly kind people, targets getting away, not being paid for a job.

Personality: cruel, cold, sharp, volatile, determined, confident.

Skills: hand to hand combat, blocking, dodging, running, jumping, kick boxing, boxing.

Bio: Tarren is a mercenary who works for the one who pays the highest amount of money, he doesn't care what the job is, he'll carry it out all the same, Tarren is a cold hearted killer who used to have someone close to him, however when that person learnt of the atrocities he committed on a daily basis the person ran in fear. From there the path that Tarren had chosen for himself only got darker and further surrounded in darkness. Tarren has been known to go after those who have a unique power and has often been hired by unnameable people to kill such people.
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Posted 8/21/16 , edited 8/21/16

Name: Rokuro and Benio Adashino

Gender: Rokuro: male
Benio: female

Age: both 16

Height: Rokuro: 5'7
Benio: 5'4

Hair colour: Rokuro: bright orange
Benio: dark purple
Eye colour: Rokuro: scarlet red
Benio: emerald green

Sexuality: both straight

Likes: both: kind people, caring people, protecting each other, reading books, training together, learning, protecting those who can't protect themselves.
Dislikes: both: rude people, cocky people, army soldiers, being underestimated cause of their age, being disrespected.

Personality: Rokuro: kind, caring, protective, determined, confident, straight forward, honest, cold blooded, impulsive, serious, insecure, nervous.
Benio: kind, caring, protective, confident, determined, calm, bold, quiet, shy, whimsical, distant, strong willed, honest, polite, mature, girly, impulsive.

Skills: Rokuro: kick boxing, boxing, hand to hand combat, marksmanship, jumping, running, parkour, dodging, blocking.
Benio: boxing, kick boxing, swordsmanship, hand to hand combat, running, parkour, dodging, blocking, parrying.

Bio: Rokuro: at the age of 14 met a girl whose name he'd soon learn was Benio, at first he didn't like the girl and found her attitude towards him annoying, but despite that he had to welcome her into his home, though he wasn't happy about the fact that she suddenly showed up out of no where and told him that he was going to marry her and live with her. But after 2 years Rokuro got used to Benio and sure enough married her after falling in love with the girl, he learnt a lot about her past and in turn he told Benio about his own, Rokuro had been abandoned by his parents and so he lived in an orphanage most of his life, eventually Rokuro moved out on his own and he then told her about how happy he was that he was married to her even though it had taken a while.

Benio: raised in a wealthy family Benio lived a content life, that was until her family was murdered in front of her eyes and she was separated from her brother, she soon found herself at the door step to a young boys house, and despite what she had expected she fell in love with the boy in the 'love at first sight' kind of way, though she had been told a great many things about the boy so her expectations had been high. However she found that for a long while the boy refused to see her the way she saw him and she had nearly given up, but she continued to push forward and make the boy fall for her and it worked. Benio however became surprised that when the boy married her that instead of taking his last name, they shared her last name instead, over the time they spent together in their marriage she opened up to him about her past and in turn the boy told her about his past.
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