How to run an anime fan page?
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Posted 7/22/16 , edited 7/23/16
I have this Facebook anime page that I haven't used in years, and it ended having over 10k likes (just a character from an anime). Any advice starting a fan page (posting, admins?)?
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Some things I learnt from being around the Facebook and Tumblr anime page/blog circuit:
Have multiple admins in different timezones, or if you run it yourself, post at either roughly the same time every day (so people know when to expect you after a while) or vary times of the day to post at (to increase/connect with your global audience). Admins must know the subject of the page well and be dedicated (you need these qualities at minimum too, or else you won't be able to gather a bunch of capable admins).
Post and/or interact with the fanbase as frequently as possible.
Be respectful of others' opinions, be civil and be friendly if your circumstances/content allow(s) for it..
Learn/know the fanbase you're trying to pander to.
Have some kind of copyright disclaimer, but make it clear.
Know your limits, not just for you but the limitations of the format you use (in this case, a Facebook page). If something you're experimenting with isn't succeeding, don't continue with it.

Also, if it's about posting using the persona of a certain character, then hone your basic storywriting skills.

Above all, have fun and be willing to learn from any mistakes you make.
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