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Posted 7/23/16
By the meaning of 'revival' of old anime. I'm referring to old versions and newer versions of the same series; for example some like Fairy Tail used it to continue the story; Others like Hunter x Hunter used to opportunity to refine the art style and continue the story.

So my question to you is; how do you feel about the way these should be conducted? Should they just carry on from the last point or at least refine the original? Is this going to be a growing trend with anime like Berserk getting a revival with the (2016) version. Also if so; which would be the most anticipated revivals you could think of?

Let me know down below!
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Posted 8/1/16 , edited 8/1/16
I know it got slated by everyone for poor filler but I would love to see Bleach return they would be no need for filler at the manga is so far ahead (unless they do a naruto and do over 30 episodes of pointless filler even though the manga had finished (some was okay like finding how the chunin exam went while naruto was with Pervy sage) but anyway the manga has stayed strong and many people are loving it) I think it should start where it left off especially as its on cr for on the whole free and is out in full on dvd
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