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18 / M / Classified
Posted 8/28/16 , edited 8/28/16

"Then just follow me and I'll take you to the best bathhouse that I know of that is closet to here"

Tohka said with a playful giggle as she gently grabbed Lionel's hand before starting to walk in the direction of the bathhouse, though in her mind Tohka was trying hard not to blush outwardly as she didn't tell Lionel that the bathhouse shared between men and women.

(Tohka moves to bathhouse)
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19 / M / The Dark side of...
Posted 8/28/16

Lionel: Wh-Whoa!!!

Lionel yelped as Todo dragged him along to the bathhouse, with his hand becoming numb because of how squeezed it is. He then looked up at her face, and noticied it was blushing.

Lionel thinking: What is she blushing about?

(Lionel moves to bathhouse).
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