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21 / M / Karakura Town, Japan
Posted 8/1/13 , edited 8/12/13
Hi I recently started a YouTube channel and am looking for supporters to help me pursue my dream of being an entertainer. I do Gameplays, Reviews, Predictions, Sing, etc. I just don't rap (I totally suck at that and your ears would melt off :P), but if you would like to check out my vids I would deeply appreciate it and I hope I can be a great entertainer for you all :

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21 / M / The Land of the Free
Posted 8/10/13

This website shows every plane in the world that's flying right now. I'm not really sure why I find myself visiting this site often. Probably because I live near an airport.
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M / Bite the pillow.
Posted 9/5/13
- Guinness Certifies Sazae-san as Longest Running Animated Show
- http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2013-09-05/guinness-certifies-sazae-san-as-longest-running-animated-show

The anime adaptation of Machiko Hasegawa's Sazae-san manga began airing in 1969, and the show celebrated its 45th anniversary of airing this year. The anime has had over 2,250 episodes (with about 7,000 short stories) as of September 1, and constantly ranks high on the Japanese TV rankings.

2,250 episodes.... that would be one hell of a marathon if you stopped watching it in 1975.

Posted 10/17/13 , edited 10/18/13
Literally Wolfenstein, lol.

Bear surprises crew on photo shoot.
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Posted 10/20/13 , edited 10/20/13
New Beyond the Boundary subreddit!
Always looking for mods and someone to operate the wiki in the future. :)

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M / Bite the pillow.
Posted 10/22/13
In case anyone missed it, here's an interview with Crunchyroll's CEO:

- Where your Crunchyroll dollars really go: An interview with the CEO
- http://otakujournalist.com/where-your-crunchyroll-dollars-really-go-an-interview-with-the-ceo/

Gao couldn’t reveal to me how much of your Crunchyroll payment goes back to anime publishers because of nondisclosure agreements. But he did say that publishers are “ecstatic” about the revenue they receive, and that publishers probably wouldn’t agree to work with Crunchyroll in such large numbers if they were getting such a bad deal.

“This season, we have over 40 simulcasts—more than we’ve ever had. And most of those shows are coming from repeat publishers who’ve been with us from day one. Publishers get the majority of the money [from your subscription] and they’re very happy with what they’re getting.”

The thing is, Crunchyroll makes revenue in a lot of different ways aside from your subscription payment, or ads if you have a free account. That frees up the money you give to Crunchyroll to go right back toward the industry. Basically, hiring more employees and other business costs don’t take away from the portions that anime publishers receive.

More of the interview at the link above...
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23 / M / West-Central Florida
Posted 11/4/13
Hello, everyone. Today, I felt like maybe I could help out an own friend of mine. You see, he's a big fan of horror and strategy. Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Halloween, stuff like that. He enjoys it so much, that in high school, he decided to start writing a book. He was dedicated to writing that book through and through, and whenever he'd hit a block, he'd bust right through it within a few hours. I was actually surprised by his dedication to something like this: in all honesty, his grades were almost always mediocre to average, and he never really seemed like the type of guy who would go out and write a book. He always seems to have some sort of motivation, which I envy about him. He loves art--drawing in particular--but when he started writing, it was like his dedication and motivation to do pretty much anything ended up snowballing to the point where he finished this book, which ended up being a 364-page book...that got published! We--his friends--were all extremely happy for him! As it turns out, though, it wasn't as big of a hit as he had hoped it could have been, so here I am, putting down this link to his book.


The book is called Faculty Ruin. My friend--the author's--name is Taylor Dean. The book's price was recently reduced, albeit by only a small margin. You can get the book as an e-book (least expensive), a paperback copy, or a hardback copy (most expensive.) If you like things like Silent Hill and Resident Evil, then maybe you could give this a shot for him. Thanks a lot!
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M / ミシガン
Posted 11/10/13
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21 / M / Los Angeles
Posted 11/15/13
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35 / F / Iowa
Posted 11/25/13
Cats Vs. Zombies.

“Nine Deadly Killer Pussies: Cats vs Zombies” (9DKP) tells the story of nine feisty, memorable characters who are randomly chosen to receive
shape shifting powers from a cat demon named Babusa. Once he is freed from his prison inside the 9 Eyes Stone, all hell breaks loose …"

In the past, Asahi has worked on classic projects such as Saint Seiya, Fairy Tale, One Piece Strong World, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and
Attack on Titan and have contributed to over 100 anime productions. Asahi originated in 1973 and is one of Japan’s longest­standing animation studios.

A new project on Kickstarter! They need your help! Be a part of creating this anime series.


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M / Bite the pillow.
Posted 11/29/13 , edited 11/29/13
A lot of news recently about Bitcoin and alternative "crypto" currencies so, since I'm always interested in new technology areas, I thought I'd toss up a couple of primers on Bitcoin.

This is a Wired story:

- Bitcoin Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Future of Money
- http://www.wired.com/wiredenterprise/2013/11/bitcoin-survival-guide/all/

Great step-by-step breakdown as to what Bitcoin is, how it came to be, and what it might, or might not, mean for the future of currency.

MtGox, a Bitcoin exchange, setup Bitcoins.com (http://www.bitcoins.com/) as a means to educate people about Bitcoins.

Other crypto currencies besides Bitcoin:

Litecoin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Litecoin
Peercoin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peercoin
Namecoin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Namecoin

There's no telling, at this point, whether Bitcoins will become a currency, commodity, or go bust and fad away like Beanie Babies. It could all be one large Ponzi scheme. At this point, the market for crypto currencies is entirely unregulated and should be considered HIGHLY speculative.

As of today, Bitcoin is trading around 1154.00 USD (United States Dollars).

Price of one Bitcoin as of November 29, 2013.
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Posted 9/26/14
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