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Posted 7/24/16 , edited 7/24/16
So, I'm in a super good mood because this weekend has been the best couple of days I've had since I've moved out on my own.

Friday I had an interview with a company that runs a data center in my town. I was feeling very optimistic about my chances since this was my second interview with them. Went in, talked to the hiring manager, things went really well. Then I got on the road to Rock Springs for my friend's wedding, but stopped in Laramie for a bite to eat with my parents for their birthdays (my mom had hers last week and dads is coming up this week).

Pulled into Rock Springs around 11 PM and went to check my hotel reservation on my phone, only to find an email from the HR rep from the above mentioned company, saying they'd like to extend me an offer, and asked me to call them the next morning. Called both my mom and my best friend, waking them out of bed to give them the news.

Anyways, was a bit disappointed with the hotel - the toilet was clogged and the wifi didn't work but at least the staff weren't jerks about it. I give them a 2 for room condition and a 4.5 for service, but then again it was a cheapy Motel 8 on the dodgy side of town, so you get what you pay for I guess. They had cable TV at least so I fell asleep watching the Syfy channel - Dark Matter and Killjoys.

Woke up the next morning and went out on a jog to catch Pokemon. While I was out I found a Hastings that was having a closeout sale. Knowing my two soon-to-be-married friends were both hardcore otaku, I quickly cobbled together a gift bag with the theme of "otaku couple's night in" with an anime-themed fleece throw blanket big enough for 2 to cuddle under, and some anime DVD/Blurays that I knew they would both enjoy.

Then I went back and got all dressed up. As I was about to leave, I got a call from the HR rep from earlier to explain the offer. Essentially I'd be doing the same things I did at my last data center job, only my pay essentially went up from $12/hr to almost $20/hr, and I'd get more PTO. I pretty much told her to sign me up then and there. I start on the 8th of August.

Finally I make it to the wedding which is being held outdoor in the park, just in time for them to start the ceremony. My buddy George was the groom, and he looked badass as all get-out - he was wearing a top hat and a walking cane to go with his tux. Seriously, you just don't get more dapper than that. The bride was my friend Amber and she definitely looked amazing as well. The two of them pretty much go together like peanut butter and jelly personality-wise and make a truly adorable couple, and it really lifted my spirits to see them finally tie the knot.

Of course, my only issue was that I knew no one else here except for the bride and groom and I obviously didn't want to monopolize their time. Amber had introduced me as the friend through which she and George had met all their other friends in Laramie and had gotten her out of her semi-hikkikomori shell, so I was given a warm welcome by the family. Still, I was still not exactly savoring the prospect of being the lone wallflower.

Thankfully I struck up a conversation with a girl who was one of the bride's high school friends, and we hit it off almost immediately. We were essentially together throughout the whole reception, just talking about everything under the sun. We even danced a few times - given it had been years since I last actually did a dance and so what should have been a romantic slow number turned into a hilarious train wreck where even the bride herself was laughing at my abyssal failure at coordination and balance (though to be fair I was playing it up because I thought it was seriously funny as well).

The final irony - this girl, whom I had just met and already felt a connection to, she caught the bouquet toss. And yours truly caught the garter slingshot - given I kind of felt bad since I ended up somersaulting over a 7-year-old kid to catch it, but still. Anyone familiar with wedding superstitions will understand the significance of this. (This would be where I ask if you guys believed in destiny, but I don't want to trigger the RWBY fans - oops, too late. #sorrynotsorry) Unfortunately, this girl is going back to school out of state this fall - but she did at least friend me on Facebook, so we can keep in touch.

So yeah, today was a really good day. I'm happy for my friends beginning their new lives together as husbando and waifu, for the chance encounter turned epic friendship (and possible relationship, Goddesses willing), for the new job I'll be starting in August, and the fact that things going forward are seriously looking up.

So have any of you have had a really good day recently? You know, one where everything just seemed to click into place and turn out right?
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Posted 7/24/16
Sadly I haven't had one of them days recently, it's just work work work for me
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Posted 12/9/17
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