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Post Reply At what point is someone's taste just plain bad?
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Posted 7/26/16
Taste is subject....

Ryuouka wrote:
He does not. He mainly listens to mainstream pop.
He's not your typical anime watcher.

He's beyond hope.
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Posted 7/26/16 , edited 7/26/16

tkayt wrote:

ItsMai wrote:

Ryulightorb wrote:

taste is always subjective imo

I second this.

And I third it. No one has the right to expect anyone else to have the same taste as them. It may be fun if you just happen to have similar tastes but that's not necessary.

I never expected him to have the exact same taste as me, but it would be a huge plus. I expected him to have some variety to it, or a will to explore, so I could show him what other genres has to offer.

(And this was really just a rant thread for my frustration. I don't actually believe there's such a thing as bad or good taste ^.-)
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Posted 7/26/16
I'm used to like everything my friends hate and hate everything my friends like. *shrugs* sometimes I wonder how I even have I can't have an opinion on those series because I don't watch anime anymore, the only one I watched and kind of liked was HxH
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Posted 7/26/16
Ok - just for fun!

I don't believe in good or bad taste, but if I did, it would probably be a double sided spectrum - both of the extremes are bad taste and the middle is good taste.

On one extreme you would have light novel battle harems and ecchi anime. On the other extreme you would have over-complicated "artsy" shows and stuff that appeals to the stereotypical "western" audience. Where you would fall would be based on the average. For example, if you watch stuff that's neither of those two, you'd have good taste. You'd also have good taste if you watched artsy shows along with light novel trash. You'd have bad taste if you only watch the artsy shows or only watch the light novel trash.

Again, I'm not really being serious here, just throwing my view out for fun
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