stream warfare 2nd part: the way to see it.
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Posted 7/28/16
back in the 90's there was this show, airing on the fridays on fox, call the X files.
those days were holy to anybody who tune in, ito see Federal agent Mulder
n her forensic partner agent Scully investigating the unknow, and the story that show creator
Mr Christ Carter come up. Making it into one most adictive and invented show of the decade.
But it was the waiting for the next episode that made worth the watch.

On today platform, ye can see the 9 season in two weeks, o been busy
a month. or more. The streaming sites have made it so easy to relieve
some of the classic of the last 2 decades, that counting on anime.
Beetween Hulu n this site, are the only streaming classic of classic,
but there others that still show the latest episodes on any friday or thursday
anyday,that even funimation takes 'em 2 weeks to redub, that actually
seem pretty easy to watch it, then reading the subtitles.
So here my take on this topic:

Binge that whole series, Boy.:

on today streaming, most give you the whole season in one day,
that only 20 minutes per episode, the 45 to 52 take a week depending
on anybody schedule. this format have made it easy to enjoy, and truly
define the term of couch potatoe. making it easy of not losing a episode.
Seen it more like a movie, with the twist, n surprises that make media
entertaining. So go to anime, binging a 12 episodes of a slice of life or high school
romatic, it will feel like watching a ghibli film. Now on this site theres one that
premier the 13 chapter in one day, by the beginning of the spring season,
this format soon will catch in anime. Making this generation of otaku enjoy even more
the media.

Once stream by week.
In january of 2014, toonami made it wise choice to air and premiet, a already redub
anime for the winter season Call Space Dandy, airing it on the weekend, that made
it a surprise hit. that they have split in 2 season, airing in the summer season.
Making watching Tv fun again, this have always been the way since the 50's. for anime it
was when adult swim air their newest anime episodes on weekends. For site
like funimation n this one, to air their laytest new show of any season, captivating
fans enjoyment once a week.

[b]So what way you see it.
Today otaku generation wait until the season show is complete, and later binge it.
turning it into a new way of entertairment. But other prefer it seen it, like their parents,
once week, been the first than anybody else. There's perks seen it in both ways.
But the wises is something to roll the dice for.

The enjoyment
like before binging a 12 or 24 episode anime would be watching a 12 hour movie,
with already knowing the whole story in just a day, from who gonna betray who,
who in love with, who the annoying of the bunch, beside watching the opening song
multiple times, really get ting into your head. taking you to 6 or 8 hour(16 or 25 is a shonen)
So theres a advantages to really enjoy, rest of the week, without missing any episode.
But on the Dandy side, the waiting make it more hyper to see where the show is going,
what gonna happen next? where all the question have to wait until next week. defining
the term of a otako even better. cause is the enjoying of every minute of the anime on
friday or saturday night comes.

So where goes the suspense

This where discussing begin, Binging the series is the new way for one enjoy it,
and do something the rest of the week, but there have been news that also become a
addiction, on going seen everything you have choose on your queue or list,
and becoming obsesive on seen everything they offer. Risking so much mental
n physical problem.
As goes by the waiting, for more hardcore otako it become a way, on how they say
in the NHK a hikkikomori, which going to the message board and disccusing on
what happen this week, and what gonna happen next. just spending the rest of the
week thinking about it. Playing devi advocated both way are very heatlh risk,
for those who dont have jobs or a social life, on the out side. On today term is always to be entertaint
by any media, n seen it with friends make for disccusion even better.
and where to see it, in the workplace, with cowockers, or at home, in the living room with familly,
theres a way.

My way, Binging is the way but always on the weekend, from morning
throught the afternoon , leaving time for some jugging. but for today i m gonna enjoy the hell out of it
of the lasts episode of my hero academia(yes is a sad day friend, a sad day friend)

So how should we watch today entertainments? dissccus,
And as always thank for been awesome.
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Posted 7/28/16
Oh my
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20 / M / Out of sight (But...
Posted 7/28/16
I lose interest if I don't binge the entire thing all at once. It's really the only way for me.
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Posted 12/9/17
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