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Post Reply Bloodbath in Manila Philippines
Posted 8/9/16 , edited 8/9/16

RavingDragon wrote:

My girlfriend is from the Philippines and she was saying that the Philippines needs this. There is so much crime and the poverty just adds to the crime. Corruption is on a large scale too. The rich build giant walls around the slums so they don't see them from their mansions.

The Justice system in the Philippines is inefficient, BUT totally disregarding the Justice system will lead to chaos. And that is not what the Philippines needs. I graduated with a degree in Economics from the best university in the Philippines. I know the plight of the poor. Mass murder is not what the Philippines needs, nor is denial of basic human rights.

What is happening in the Philippines right now is that people are being killed just because they were labelled as drug pushers and thieves. You will find a dead body on the street with a sign that the person was a thief (theft is not even punishable by death) or that he is a drug addict. ALLEGED drug users and pushers are being killed because they ALLEGEDLY resisted arrest (ex. person X was already handcuffed and there were no signs of struggle).

People are being MURDERED due to MERE ALLEGATIONS. If person A wanted person B to be dead, A can just call B in public a criminal and somebody will surely shoot him. The killings are not only being done by the police but also by unknown civilians because people think it's alright to just shoot people who seem to be criminals because the president said so. The people who are being killed are usually those who can barely defend themselves: the poor who allegedly use drugs, not the major drug pushers, not the corrupt government officials. They are already fleeing the country. The poor who have no choice but to commit petty economic crimes (like steal a canned good just so they can eat) and use drugs or sniff rugby (so they don't feel hungry and such), are the casualties here. They are being killed like pests. They should be rehabilitated, not annihilated.

Now there is a shoot to kill order. President already gave a list. On that list, one person already died eight years ago. So much for accuracy. No warrants were even procured. A police will knock on your door. If you open it you will be arrested and then surely killed. If you don't open it on the first knock, they might just as well shoot you after you open it later, because apparently refusal to entertain government intrusion to your home (without a warrant) is a sure sign of guilt (they have no fucking warrant).

In short, now in the Philippines, you are guilty until proven innocent. The country is lead by a wishy washy president who lied to everybody publicly, announcing he will not run. Then filed a candidacy in the last minute (how strategic). He is a sly person who will do anything to achieve what he wants. Although I do believe he wants to change the country, I do not agree with the means he has been employing. This is a president who just allowed the dictator Marcos, who committed large-scale atrocious human rights violations, to be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (cemetery for heroes) next month. This is a president who doesn't put premium on education. This is a president who wants to lift the suspension of the death penalty. And he suggests HANGING because it's economical since you only need a chair and a rope. He wants to torture you after disregarding your right to due process.

The president is so charismatic that the people who voted for him will condemn you when you emphasize the importance of human rights. Apparently, to them, it is of no such consequence if your rights are infringed. People (who voted for him, millions of them) hunger for change so much that they don't care if you massacre everybody in the slums and just label the victims as criminals, all in the name of change. And then when you condemn violations of human rights, you yourself will be condemned by his supporters. Human freaking rights! They will condemn you for highlighting the importance of the preservation of HUMAN FREAKING RIGHTS.

I have more to say but let me just end by saying that the current president is a sexist, chauvinistic bigot.

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Posted 8/9/16
This entire situation is turning into a case study against strongman politicians who's only real platform is that they're HARD MEN who make HARD DECISIONS. This looks like nothing but destruction that takes away but doesn't add anything back into society.
Posted 8/9/16 , edited 8/11/16
More than 700 ALLEGED criminals killed in a span of three months
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Posted 8/9/16
why would anyone want to use it?
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Posted 8/9/16
I'm going to the Philippines in February, should be "interesting" to say the least.
Posted 8/11/16
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