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Posted 7/30/16 , edited 7/31/16
Hi Everyone,

Just wanna say thanks for reading this,

So Berserk, lets talk about it! firstly do they ever want to animate this f#@*ing amazing series correctly? To me it doesn't seem like they do! I had such high hopes for the new 2016 Berserk anime release and so far... well lets be honest its not great. Berserk the manga is such a classic, such a great read! The way it is so dark, twisted, violent and most of all has such a gripping story.

I am not in anyway going to post any spoilers in this! or at least try my very best not too.

So my main intention of this thread is to get you guys on my petition that i have posted, i personally believe that Madhouse is the Studio to take this series in the correct direction it needs to go, look at the shows it has done and done WELL! Death Note, One-Punch man, Parasyte, Monster, Hellsing Ultimate, that's just naming a few but every single one of these i can say wow they have done the manga justice. Don't get me wrong of course they chop and change a few things but the main core of the story is the same.

This studio really uses its theme correctly the way Death Note has its suspense and intense moments, as to when Hellsing ultimate has such good action and violent scenes but yet always sticks to the manga!

So lets disscuss in the comments bellow whether you think this is right idea? do you think Berserk even deserves another Reboot? what do you think about the recent Movies, the new 2016 show and even the old but still pretty good 1997 anime.

if you really think that my approach is the right one, please feel free to join my petition to get the Berserk series animated by Madhouse studios!
I'm doing this by going to Masahiro and Rintaro one of the Key directors for Madhouse studios, i do know he is a freelance but his friendship with Masahiro Takahashi could be key for Masahiro giving to go ahead to do it. So putting a petition together and going to these key men, i believe we could be in for a winner. I'm putting as much time and money into this as i can, but with help from yourself and many other fans of anime and Berserk to get this done.

Thanks for reading everyone!

The Petition -

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