Create a story by using this sentence
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Let me know if a thread like this one exist or not.
Thanks a bunches.

Create a story by using this sentence: It feels like I am walking on breadcrumbs just to get by in life.

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"It feels like I am walking on breadcrumbs to get by in life." Said the Gingerbread man traversing the bodies of his enemies on the final battlefield of the Great Dough War. Honor had brought him to the battlefield from his home in the far (y)east. But at what cost he oft wondered. Now looking at the crumbs of the gingerbread children and the warm red icing on his hands he finally had his resolve. He quietly knelt down and in a soft sure whisper he breathed. "This cookie is... done." and he plunged his licorice blade through his own soft nuggety heart and died there on the field surrounded by the chattels of war and death. "How queer that only now when the end surrounds me, do I feel the peace I did so toil to obtain." he thought as his mind faded into his abyss, his flakey ginger scented body growing cold and... stale.
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One might say its difficult to work for an old witch. I myself have done years of labor luring and following children to my master. She specializes in illusion magic and human sacrifice. (The blood of the young being more proficient, of course.) She has me continually scouring the forest for miles upon miles looking for innocent children. Threatening to send me back into the darkness she summoned me from, I cant go back, I've seen the insanity form in the minds of those who have been in the darkness too long. As with every day she sent me to search for children. Many a times have I wondered why she doesn't live near a large city where many children will wander, instead she remains in the middle of the most secluded forest on the continent. The children, I've seen no trace of any, heard no sounds from any, but still she expects some soon. My foot then hit something soft, yes, with a slight crunching sound. Breadcrumbs? Out here? But why? They had to have been dropped, but why I do not know. I do, however, know that I need to follow these crumbs to whomever is responsible for them. I desperately hoped they were children, I fear the darkness more than the witches wrath. It feels like I am walking on breadcrumbs just to get by in life. "Come along Hansel, i do think a little farther will get us out of these woods." A child's voice, high and smooth, and so wonderfully far from the edge of the forest. "I smell some smoke Gretal, perhaps there is someone nearby who can tell us how to get out of here." What a delightful approach, I think ill use it. "Hello children, what are you doing all the way out here so far from the edge of the forest?" They looked at eachother and one of them shrugged before turning to me. "Can you help us sir? We seem to have lost our way." I will certain help the little and adorable little children, I thought. "Why of course! but before I send you on your way, will you let me feed you. Follow me back to my home." After an almost entirely silent walk we came upon the witches hut. Decorated with lots of candy and gingerbread and such, It was ridiculous that after all this time the old hag thought that the illusion worked. She'd be better of making it look like a real wooden structure if you ask me, but of course she doesn't. As we arrived at the door I knocked four times, to let her know she had some company. "The lady inside will help you, I must get back to work so I finish by the time the sun sets" Some brief farewells later I left once again into the forest, turning back to see the witch answer the door knowing those kids would never be seen again, just like the others.
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