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Posted 7/31/16
I've been on crunchy roll since 2011 and the past few years, I've been premium. I've lived 3 different places in the united states. AR, TN, AL. I've built several different computers since. Every place I've lived I've had the same problems even though I supposedly had fast enough cable internet to be able to play videos in HD. The problems I've had are: 1) videos stop playing period (not because I was inactive for a certain amount of time). 2) videos will not buffer (which is supposidly a privacy law from Japan or something. I have been through the help guides and forums several times and tried all the advice like disabling ad blockers, making sure adobe is up to date and hardware acceleration/computer storage unlimited is on, etc. and none of that helps. I've tried different browsers. These problems happen to me in about a quarter of the episodes I watch. Sometimes reloading the webpage helps, but usually I have to wait a little while and the problem goes away.

I'm just here to say that I'm willing to pay for my premium account more for a better buffering solution and at the end of the day, the only reason a better buffering solution is not implemented is because of finances. If you say it is because of the Japanese anime makers, they are in business to begin with because of money and if it makes more sense for them to release their content for buffering versus not doing it (in a monetary sense), they will release it for buffering.
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Posted 7/31/16 , edited 7/31/16
Aside from decently rare hiccups on their end, the problem is likely your internet.

As you said, it isn't a consistent issue and sounds like one that is pretty much unavoidable when it comes to broadband internet.

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