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Posted 7/31/16
I'm so tired of having to look through countless manga only to not know what on earth what to expect. Why can't Crunchy put genre tags onto the manga section similarly they do with the anime section, So I don't have to go to an outside source ( MAL ) just to find out if the manga I'm about to read is even in my tastes. I read a large amount of manga for leisure , about 50 days worth now, and I know what I like to read without expanding my horizons to much. Also, why is it that the descriptions for manga on Crunchy seem to go out of their way to offer Absolutely no spoilers on the actual plot of the manga further increasing my confusion about what the manga is even about. ( Often being extremely different to what are on multiple other websites Completely ) A good example of this is the manga Inuyashiki The description offers no actual input of the plot that with one quick google search this desc. is seemingly only on Crunchy ?
Do the authors themselves tell them what they want the descriptions being ? I just want to know if this is a problem for others or was I just to spoiled at the illegal manga sites that I used to look at before Crunchy?
TL:DR Manga genres pls
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