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Posted 8/1/16 , edited 8/1/16
Here is our main Pokemon Go thread for sharing tips and other stories. The second post is reserved as our guide to all things Pokemon Go!
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Posted 8/1/16 , edited 12/21/16
Pokemon Go Guides


1) About
2) Pidgey Grinding
3) Getting the correct Eeveelution
4) Level Rewards
5) Hatching Eggs
6) Regional Pokemon
7) Limited Time

Under Co


Pokemon Go is a free Augmented Reality MMO for Android or iOS.

Pidgey Grinding

By saving your Lucky Eggs and mass evolving pokemon when you activate it, whilst sat at a lured Pokestop, you get double xp on everything you evolve and catch during the time period. We recommend stocking up on pidgeys to evolve and not activating your egg until you have at least 30 pokemon ready to evolve (taking in mind the evolution animation takes up some time). You get your first lucky egg at level 9.

Or try Pidgeycalc?

Getting the Correct Eeveelution

Back during the days of the anime, there was an episode called The Battling Eevee brothers. Now, by renaming your eevee the corisponding name of one of the brothers, you can evolve your Eevee into the correct Eeveelution on Pokemon Go. 'Rainer' gives you Vaporeon, 'Sparky' gives you Jolteon and 'Pyro' gives you Flareon. However this does not work every time so be weary on how you use this trick.

Level Rewards

Hatching Eggs

Update 12/12/16

2k - Cleffa & Igglybuff
5k - Pichu & Togepi
10k - Elekid, Magby & Smoochum

Regional Pokemon

Farfetch'd - exclusive to Asia; hatch from a 5km egg elsewhere
Kangaskhan - exclusive to Australia/New Zealand; hatch from a 5km egg elsewhere
Mr Mime - exclusive to Europe; hatch from a 10km egg elsewhere
Tauros - exclusive to North America; hatch from a 5km egg elsewhere

Limited Time

Christmas Pikachu is available to catch until 29th December 2016

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