Post Reply Anime like food wars?
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Posted 8/2/16
Are there any anime like food wars?

I don't necessarily mean just the cooking aspect of it, but a similar plot.
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Posted 8/2/16 , edited 8/2/16
Can't say for sure. I don't know all the anime. If this would be about manga, one good example is Iron Wok Jan.
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Posted 8/2/16 , edited 8/2/16
Stephen Chow's God of Cookery is a blast, albeit not anime.
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Posted 8/2/16 , edited 8/2/16
Well, if you mean actual similar plot, there's Yakitate!! Japan, which is about bread baking competition/tournament, etc.

But if you meant plot, as in a taste of the food exploding women out of their clothing, not so much... although Gourmet Girl Graffiti has the occasional foodgasm, and Wakakozake (a short) has food appreciation.
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Posted 8/2/16 , edited 8/2/16
If you mean a similar style without cooking (as in underdog and friends fighting to survive against the establishment) ...

I'd suggest ...

Otaku Teacher
Prison School
My Romantic Comedy Snafu
Classroon Crisis
Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
Green Green
Outbreak Academy
Aoharu x Machinegun
Assassination Classroom
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Posted 8/2/16
Food Wars is kind of in a class by itself let me put some shows out there.

Waaaay over the top action

Gurren Lagann

Kill la Kill


Gunbuster 2

Competitive / Competition

No Game No Life

Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren't they?

GIRLS und PANZER - Competitive tank battles

Ben-To - Martial arts battles over half price bento.


Kuroko's Basketball - Basketball with superpowers.

Saki - Mahjong with superpowers

Cooking / Food related

Doamygar-D - Short form anime retro mecha show involving Japanese confectionery (seriously).

Dagashi Kashi - You will learn more then you ever wanted to know about Japanese junk food with this show.
Funimation / Hulu

sweetness & lightning

Gourmet Girl Graffiti


Yakitate!! Japan

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