Super Lovers manga english release?
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Posted 8/3/16
So I've just finished watching Super Lovers again
I'm not sure what it is about the show which interests me but I love it so I'm thinking about getting the manga to keep me busy until the second season release in January but I haven't had any luck finding english copies for sale online.

I take that to mean it hasn't been published in english yet or is unavailable in the UK. Does anyone know if that's the case and if so are there plans for an english release anytime soon?

Sorry if this is something mega obvious I'm still relatively new to the world of anime and manga and am probably looking in all the wrong places for the info
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Posted 8/13/16 , edited 9/30/16
I'd like to read it, too. Unfortunately, it hasn't been licensed in English. Given the subject matter, it would probably end up in the hands of SubLime(Viz) or DMG (depending on if it were printed or digital.) The former has really thinned out on BL publications, though, so it could be a while--if it happens at all. It'll probably be quicker to learn Japanese
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Posted 1/5/18
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