Days manga
Posted 8/4/16 , edited 8/5/16

Love this anime, I am a fan of Sports Anime, definitely when they are this good in the beginning, if you don't like it please that's too bad but if you haven't watched it yet go watch it now I say noooww! Hee^^

But what I really need to know is, do any of you that is reading this like right now, know a place online to buy the manga in English, i cant find it anywhere and I am a total noob about manga, where to buy and when does it arrive the due date that the new chapter come or whatever, or is it even out where I I live in the United States of America!! Lol lol lol in Florida!!! Hahaa^^ :D

Well I don't know noting. I want to own the manga if they even have it.. how long this manga been out, how many volume they already got? Any1
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