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Posted 8/4/16
So honestly I'm curious as to what people thought of 5 different US Presidents that were randomly selected using a random number generator. Since there are only 44 US Presidents at this point in time it made it easy. I'm just going to put some base info about each randomly selected president below. If you need anything else, look it up.

Franklin D. Roosevelt-
32nd President
Term lasted from 1933 - 1945

John Adams-
2nd President
Term lasted from 1797 - 1801

Franklin Pierce-
14th President
Term lasted from 1853 - 1857

Woodrow Wilson-
28th President
Term lasted from 1913 - 1921

Jimmy Carter-
39th President
Term lasted from 1977 -1981

Posted 8/5/16
Franklin D. Roosevelt because his name sounds like a rockstar
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Posted 8/5/16
John Adams had an exciting life. Anyone read the book?

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