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Posted 8/5/16 , edited 8/10/16


Panel Times for Otakon 2016:
Simulcast Preview Panel
Friday @ 4:30pm-5:30pm in Panel 1 (BCC 314-315)

Crunchyroll Industry Panel
Saturday @ 11:30am-12:30pm in Panel 2 (BCC Ballroom II)

Working in the Anime Industry
Sunday @ 12:00pm-1:00pm in Panel 5 (Hilton Holiday 4-6)

THIS weekend, on August 12-14th, stop by the CRUNCHYROLL booth at Otakon for fantastic prizes for all of our premium members, and cool freebies for everyone else!!

Update: At the Crunchyroll booth in the exhibitor's hall, you'll be happy to hear that we're bringing our Crunchyroll Store!! Check out the items we'll have for sale in the image above ~

We have a ton of information still coming up, but we'd like to take this opportunity to announce that we worked with Otakon staff to bring the band behind MOB PSYCHO 100's incredible ED song, ALL OFF!!

Here's our schedule for all of the ALL OFF events:
Saturday 8/13
Special Mob Psycho Screening Sat 8/13 8:30PM - 10:00PM - Video I (BCC Hall A)

Sunday 8/14
Q&A - 10:45-11:45am - Hall D
Concert - 12pm-1:30pm Hall D
Autograph Session - 2-3pm - Autograph 4 (BCC 347)

We'll also be hosting an Ace Attorney stage at Otakon:

Come by and watch your favorite characters turnabout the evidence (and stop in for a photo op yourself!!)!!


This weekend, we'll be heading to TWO conventions in the fine country of Canada, followed by some incredible stuff going on at OTAKON in Baltimore! Here's where you can find us!!


Join us for OTAKUTHON, where Nate Ming will be giving three panels!!
Friday @ 5pm in Panel 514: Simulcast Preview panel
Saturday @ 4:30pm in Panel 510: Crunchyroll Industry Panel
Sunday @ 1pm in Panel 514 : Working in the Anime Industry
Anime Revolution

Hey Vancouver!! SailorBee is in town to hang out with all of you! Where can you find her? We've got that information here:
Friday @ 12pm in Ballroom A: Simulcast Preview Panel
Saturday @ 2:30pm in Ballroom A: Women in the Anime Industry (no presentation needed)
Saturday @ 5:30pm in Ballroom B: Crunchyroll Industry Panel
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Posted 8/5/16 , edited 8/13/16
Correction Otakuthon is in Quebec NOT Ontario
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Posted 8/5/16 , edited 8/6/16
Montreal is not Ontario, in fact, the two provinces have not always had the best relationship, so calling Quebec Ontario is a good way to get on their bad side. It be like going to France and calling it England.
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Posted 8/6/16
Real sad I can only go to the first 2 days of Otakon, I'd love to see that concert, but definitely gonna try to make it into the screening on Saturday, though!
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Posted 8/8/16
I wish I could have made it to Otakon this year. Last year I had a great time at the live stream.
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Posted 8/9/16 , edited 8/12/16
If only I could go to Otakon or any convention for that matter. I'll just watch the livestream and cri
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Posted 8/10/16
I'm sad I couldn't go there, I just watched aki's vlog on otakuthon and it seemed fun.
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Posted 8/11/16
That is just great how there are no links to the event or even a solid address of where the events will be held. Great job OP!!
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Posted 8/12/16 , edited 8/12/16
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Posted 8/12/16
will that SPACE PATROL LULUCO be in the shop soon? or is it already or can you only get it in Otakon?
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