Fill the blanks
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Couldn't find one like this, and I'm not an expert with this, eh, not sure much about forum, if this already exists, I'm sorry.

All you got to do is finish others sentence the way you want to, it could be just one word or really long one, whatever u want to fill the blacks.. you can also put it pic that describe what you had finish filling the blanks, if you want to. No need but u can

Example: ---- I'm A and B is some one else

A) The world is ___________________________

B) The world is amazing so amazing that I can't describe it at all, come on, is bright is beautiful...etc....

And here a pic

You can put a pic, but no need, but u can..
----- B can say whatever he/she want to say, it can be a tiny story if you want to, no need but it is allowed.. :P

I guess, I should say, what I have seen sometime on others forum,DO NOT POST TWICE IN A ROW, Please no double posting, no posting right after you post, you can, however, right AFTER SOMEONE else has posted.. and keep it PG-13.. Don't be rude please respect each other

Here my sentence

As I have been saying and believe, I do not _______________________.

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.... pee my pants, I make sure to go to the bathroom before I go to sleep or watch/do anything exciting. ...

So move along or I'll _____________________.
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When you need 2 be alone
When you go 2 sleep I’ll be here to talk to you until morning for you won't sleep
When you’re sad I’ll be here to stare at you and laugh at you cuz you crying
When you’re sick I’ll be here to make sure it get worst and u won't get back to health..

sooo aahhh u crazy bit*h so believe what I say, I'm not with your boyfriend, or I will make your life miserable!

How many time_______________________
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