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Post Reply Is Japan really the anime/manga paradise?
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Posted 9/7/16 , edited 9/7/16

Markest1 wrote:

I would want to go to experience the culture, not something I can experience from home and in Japan there isn't people with supernatural powers, different colored eyes and hair, or mech suits. Japan is a country that has its own problems and people to worry about like their economic state, aging population, and decreasing birthrate. All in all I would want to visit the temples, scenery, stay in the countryside, and meet with locals.

"...aging population, and decreasing birthrate". Does this means that the Japanese government did successfully stop immigration, a component of global Capitalism, while still producing successful anime and manga industries? The American businessmen often employ foreign workers to break up unions on the assumption that unions halt economic progress. I also wonder how Japanese industries manage to produce such popular literature like anime and manga when tradition, which discourage otaku culture, play a key role in Japanese politics and mainstream culture? Is Marx's principle working here?
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Posted 9/7/16
Well anime and manga came from there, so I guess, kind of, not really?

I've been to Japan and anime and manga are kind of less significant there. I mean, it's not as popular as you think.
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