"Anime TV" Program I made
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Posted 8/8/16 , edited 8/8/16
Note: This is not a streaming service, this is a media center that plays media you already own. It does not support piracy.


Program Demo:

I programmed this in my spare time as a fun side project. Always wanted to have this kind of setup with my own specially made channels. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

I intend to run this off an Intel Compute stick on the back of a TV. You can just flip the TV onto some channel whenever you want without the hassle of going to your PC. Useful for when you just want to watch a random 10 minutes of lucky star when eating food instead of searching around for a particular thing to watch. Or if you just want to channel surf till you hit something interesting.

The program creates a broadcast schedule on the fly and will be the same schedule for any device running it. In other words, the schedule is generated automatically but is not inherently random. If two machines run the same channel content at the same time, it will be on the same schedule. Furthermore, the schedule is based on realtime, not runtime. You could lose power for an hour, come back, and it will be one hour farther in the schedule. The channels are customizable with various thumbnail graphics, banners, and avatars.
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Posted 8/8/16
Sounds like am interesting project. Good luck with it.

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Posted 8/8/16
Looks neat so far, pretty interested to see what the end result will look like.
Wish you good luck as well mate ^

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Posted 1/5/18
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