stream warfare 3part: worth paying for?
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Posted 8/9/16
back in the 90's there were stores call suncoast,
where they sell Videocassette n dvds, when
that became the craze, every month, one
earn some cash, then spend it. buying the latest
episode or movies, that how one bought he's or her's
anime, in the time adult swim took it to the mainstream.
by the early 2000 there were everywhere, but here is the fun part?
every distribution was fighting for any anime that was making
bank, from geneon entertaintment to, ADV.
Today is now the streaming sites from Hulu, Netflix, Funimation, and this one
fighting for exclusity of every anime that comes out per season,
and thats where our earn cash go, to see the attack on titan, or prinson school.
they cant own the right without paying for it.
so heres my point of view of the subject:

So how important are exclusivity?

this Year like i mention before Netflix air the Adventure of sinbad.
knowing they air the whole series, and that motive one to pay it,
and see it. But over the years the king for exclusive and rare anime,
funimation, by this year alone they manage to have spring's shonen
My hero academia, doubling the otaku fandom. that most pay the rate
just for one anime alone. from 1 month, to half a year?

That 's it even count?
Paying for one anime is worth, to some.
But this year, Netflix raise it suscription princes
for more content, fair a tecnique that most of this
site have been following, but the demand are high
for exclusives, but for most, they rather pay it
to get the access to other anime. the streaming site know
what their suscriber re demanding for, but is it enought?

genre is the most importing?

Monster musume became popular last year summer season,
earning more subcriber, but then funimation came back
with their take of the echi with prison school. For exclusive
do will focus what genre of anime are gonna air. this is
one of the focus, cause beside this, the shonen is one
making headway with jojo bizarre adventures, one piece,
and naruto. who ever air it?
Leaving other genre to be forgotting, another that
become popular and was air here My love story.
and that one was romance.
surprises happen when any of this streaming site
air a hidden gem in their catalogue.

the deals with the studios?

Again Netflix has deal with bone, to air their first
original anime. remembering the time that
HBO started to air their own line of series.
something that gave 'em more viewers. This sites alone
has already got deals to air a variety of new and original
series. while funimetion prefer air n dub their new season
series, making their own is something else.
but it will make thing interesting,
cause everybody is doing the HBO?
it will certain will open doors for new,
and foreing production in the anime busines.

What next?
from breaking bad to the walking dead, become the succes,
bringing recognition to AMC, forming a strong n demanding fanbase.
In THE STREAMING SITES is the exclusivity, and the originality they air.
and the genre. But their always a price to see em. To some torrent is the way,
but thats the millenials, but for the working, streaming it at anytime works better.
Chossing to see em free, is fair. but wrongto some. paying'em, is like going to the
movies, just spending for good time. but is always gonna be HD then just watching it
standart, no matter where.

so what ye think, has the war for streaming entertainment begun? it is worth paying for?
And as always
thank for been awesome.
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Posted 8/9/16
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Posted 8/10/16
For one Hulu is not a real content creator! Netflix has some created content but it's on the low end.

HBO has Game of T. , True Blood, West World.?.

AMC has The walking Dead periode!

Starz has Amry of Darkness, Black Sails, Out Lander! To add three shows I would watch Amazon prime want 100.00 it's cheaper to rent black sails and purchase Amry of Darkness for me so no.

Amazon prime has .... Sigh free shipping! Doctor who, bbc shows, Vikings from History channel and many more from HBO! So far for me Amazon Prime has been the best streaming deal. Though I have never used Netflix and used to use Hulu when they had adds and before they went more cable like.

CBS all access will have Star Trek! And whatever else they call tv. Fox has a app, CW, NBC, ABC, with commercials!

I can not see AMC going streaming due to one show and its spinoff!
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Posted 12/9/17
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