Funniest bit in gundam seed/destiny
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Posted 2/12/08
So what do u think the funniest bit is in Gundam Seed/Destiny? I think the funniest bit is when yuna gets squashed by that falling Gouf. THAT WAS CHAMPION!
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Posted 2/12/08
yeahhh i agree with u Archangel768
but really both Gundam Seed and Seed destiny
lacked in comedy...
it more like all action which is what i like best about gundam...
but Destiny really was depressing cos how lame it was....
the directors really screwed up the storyline cos they had to keep it to how the viewers liked it
cos viewers had to be asses like OMG YOU KILLED OFF KIRA!!

to be honest i rather have shinn as the main pilot despite his character is like cocky and everything
cos Kira a nub who just spams lasers....
and relies too much on the gundam's abilities....
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