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Posted 8/22/16

FracturedRose wrote:

electricdoomfire wrote:

FracturedRose wrote:

I like the music I like because of the lyrics. For me, the lyrics need to have a lot of depth to them. Sound is important too of course, but that's just secondary to the lyrics to me. I need lyrics I can relate to. I have a very hard time listening to music without lyrics.

I tend to gravitate towards hard rock and metal.

could you ever get into something that had really weird and nonsensical lyrics? Like, could you enjoy a band like primus despite most of their lyrical content being so absurd and quirky? Because there are certain artists whose lyrics are pretty weird and hard to figure out

That depends on how weird the lyrics are. I usually try to attach meaning to the lyrics, so if I'm unable to do that, then I won't like it.

But I do appreciate it when artists parody other songs.

For instance, I would provide the example of an artist like frank zappa. A lot of his lyrics are humorous and satirical in many ways as a general parody of popular culture. Some of his songs may be about tweezers, ponchos, or simply a song about why you shouldn't eat snow that has been pissed in by a huskie. Primus is a similar example. In many ways, these lyrics are meant to mean anything exactly, but they are meant to be humorous or quirky, which they often are. You can't relate to every lyric you always hear, nor will you get a song that may have an extremely deep meaning. Sometimes, musicians don't even need lyrics to exhibit a meaning through sound. However, I do understand your general sentiment. I love joy division partially because of the great lyrics of Ian Curtis.
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