Recommend tablet and app for reading manga?
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Posted 8/10/16 , edited 8/10/16
hey, I'd like to get a tablet that i can read manga on. to be honest, i'm not very knowledgeable about how reading manga on a tablet works. What tablet and app do people recommend for reading manga? doesnt have to be a free app.

i know something like the ipad can take care of my needs but its pricey and i dont need all the features of an ipad. i wouldnt be doing much on this tablet besides reading manga and streaming anime, so are there any more affordable options that can fulfill my needs?

also, is there a way to download manga onto the tablet so i can read them later?

thanks in advance

please recommend a good but affordable tablet that i can stream anime and read manga on. doesnt need many other features.
please recommend an app that i can download and read manga on
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Posted 8/11/16 , edited 8/11/16
I use an iPad to read most manga, and I love it--though I believe that you can do just about all the same things on an Android tablet. (Not sure about Windows or Kindle Fire).

Basically, I read manga in three (legal) ways:

-- Crunchyroll App
-- Kindle App
-- Comixology App (see:

Kindle and Comixology allow you to store some number of Manga volumes on your device. Personally, I will download an entire series from the cloud, read it all, then remove it off of my device to free back up the storage space (manga take up a lot of storage space relative to other books). I think Cruchyroll allows you to download some number of manga chapters as well, although I'm not sure--I tend to mostly read from their app when I have wi-fi access.

-- Crunchyroll manga works just like their anime: you subscribe, and while subscribed you have unlimited access.
-- Kindle manga works just like any other e-book: you purchase the volumes you want, then can download and read them at your leisure.
-- Comixology has both models: You can buy manga there permanently, OR you can subscribe to their service ("comixology unlimited") which allows you to read many of their most popular manga on a subscription model.

I've also used MangaBox before, but I'm less of a fan. For that app, you have access to new manga for a brief period of time and then it goes away, permanently. It's fine if you are interested only in staying current on the latest issues of manga, but you can't reread back issues, nor can you catch up on back issues if you want to pick up a new series.

All of these are fundamentally good readers, though: easy page turning, bookmarking to allow you to remember you place, clear image quality, etc.
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Posted 8/13/16 , edited 8/14/16
For what you'll be using it for, I would definitely recommend an Android tablet over Windows or iOS. Android has the greatest variety of apps. That said, you'll want something with a decent screen size. That is up to preference, as you might find yourself needing to zoom in and out to read manga--and I say this just from comparing my devices: my 7" Windows tablet is OK for dubbed video but horrible for reading in anything but the Kindle app, and my 10.1" Android works well for both and general web browsing. I don't actually use either often, though.

Despite my recommendation of Android, iOS and Windows are actually more stable without flashing a custom firmware--a fairly involved process depending on the device, so I use a Surface Pro 4 instead, which works well all around. That said, it would be well outside of the "reasonable" price range for a media tablet, but depending on what you want to spend, a 1st or 2nd generation Surface tablet would be comparably good for the purpose--you would be looking at $150. I, however, would spend a bit extra for this one: at $229+ shipping. You could probably find a used one cheaper through Ebay or a local seller, too.

I only recommend this one particularly for the forced air cooling and the price point. Most portable devices use the case or an internal plate to dissipate heat, but that doesn't do much, and over time, the components degrade. From the useful life of my devices, I would say you would end up needing to replace a budget tablet within two years--often less, proportionate to how little the device cost new.

If you aren't too concerned with the life expectancy of the device or a drop in performance over time, I would recommend ASUS products. Two that will give a a good "bang for your buck" are the Zenpad: and Transformer Pad:
My last recommendation would be an Amazon Fire tablet: The Fire is really cheap--sub $100 cheap and works great for media; the only problem is that available apps are limited to what Amazon provides through their store, so you would need to install the Google Play store to get some of the better apps (which may or may not be compatible.)

Recommended apps (the apps I use):
*--Comixology (on Android)
*--Viz Manga (on Android)
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Posted 1/5/18 , edited 1/5/18
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