Melancholia Remake
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Posted 8/11/16
Let me know if a thread like this one exist or not.
Thanks a bunches.

I've decided to redo the story "Melancholia's Labyrinth" into something else. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me any and I shall answer them the best as I could.

Here I go:

Strange World: Melancholia's Labyrinth


A girl finds herself trapped in an unknown world with a strange super power

Rosabella use to live a fabulous and wealthy life as a grand-princess. That all change when she got into a coma that lasted for four years. During the her comatose state, she meets a mysterious person name Eve who gives her a power. Rosabella wakes up from the coma and finds herself placed in a different world. The world is actually a massive gigantic white labyrinth. Rosabella sees that she is not alone and that over one hundred thousand people were there as well. Soon she'll learn that she and the rest of the people must fight to the death in order to reach Transcendence. But the labyrinth is full of monstrous creatures called Plagues. They will also endure Flash of Grievance, Merry-Go-Reset, and meet mysterious people call Liars and Strangers. These people must fight each other in order to leave but only two can leave this labyrinth. There is a shiny white huge door that can be see from the laybrinth over though the labyrinth walls are tall. Above the door read the word "Transcendence". Rosabella meets a boy name Demetrius who happens to be a prince who was taken away just like Rosabella. They two become friends and meet others as they fight their way through the labyrinth. Rosabella dies but two hours later come back to life due to the power that she has. She must try to leave the labyrinth and return home. But can she do it?

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Posted 8/11/16
Thread closed at OP request.
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