which character for you do you want to be your boyfriend/girlf friend
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Posted 2/12/08 , edited 2/12/08
i know we can't have a perfect girl/boy but the qualities of the character that makes you want to be their boyfriends and girlfriends....

plsss.. put a picture of your ideal boyfriend/girlfriend..

it's okay if you have up to three choices... i know it's very hard to pick.. i just want to know what you guys think about this topic..

my choices are:

GONG YOO- han kyul/arthur
he's such an ideal guy because of his character in coffee prince.. i love how the way he kissed he can totally melt a girl's heart through his sweetness... he's very good looking and i just simply love him.. at first i don't think he's very handsome coz i think he's too old.. but as i watched coffee prince i fell for him and the rest is history.. hehehe.. anyway i would definitely love a guy like him..

okay next one is nicholas teo,.. i watched him in smiling pasta.. and he's the cutest guy i've ever seen.. he's such a tease.. but i think once in a while every girl want their man to be like him.. even though he's not that outspoken, simply i love his gestures and the way he smile can make you really fall for him...

IKUTA TOMA- nakatsu shuichi
okay my last choice.. he's also an ideal guy for me because he's also cute and very funny.. who wouldn't want their guy to be spontaneous right.. even though he questioned his gender but he still goes for it.. he can sacrificed a whole bunch and even though he's very hurt inside his cute smile can still be seen in his face.. i fell in love to him watching hana kimi..

------well that's it.... i have many asian crushes but i have to picked out the most favorite and the sweetest guys that i know because if i list them all i would be writing for weeks..XDD.. i hope i can also know something about your types... thank you very much..
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Posted 2/12/08
my one and only choice!!

Domyouji Tsukasa - Matsumoto Jun

ideal guy!!
1. He's Matsujun... he's cool, he's hot, he's cute, he's my everything!!!
2. He dunno how to express his feeling very well, but when he does, it's sooo romantic and cute!! :inlove:
3. He's a guy that can protect me...he'll go a great length just to protect the girl he approved
4. DoS...somehow...i juz luv his bullying!!
5. He's super rich (now i'm a materialistic girl )

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Posted 2/12/08
Makino Tsukushi from Hana Yori Dango... Cause she gets to have Domyouji Tsukasa
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Posted 2/12/08
Oguri-chan so kakkoii and kawaii,, also funny
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Posted 2/12/08

nakatsu shuichi
i love this scene so much. he's jealous and hurt and still telling mizuki that she can depend on him. he's a good friend and possibly a good lover too ... He compete with Sano in a fair and funny competition. he didnt do dirty tricks.

and of course,
the stubborn and 'almighty me' guy from HYD

domyouji tsukasa
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Posted 2/12/08

mike he in bull fighting

vic zhou in mars

wu zun in tokyo juliet
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Posted 2/12/08
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