Star Wars / Anime Fusion Series.
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Posted 8/13/16 , edited 8/22/16

I make an ongoing Anime/Star Wars hybrid series and host it on youtube. I'm not really a 'youtuber', it's just that deviantart and such do not have a video section.

It stars Darth Mew Mew the Neko as the main protagonist, and Darth Ecchi the Usagi as her apprentice. They are together with their warrior loli species allies, the Bujin. My channel isn't monetized at all, and I do it for the art.

I recently renamed it to Loli Wars.

Here is the latest episode:

Here is a Trailer that I recently created for the show using bits of various episodes:

I am in a writers guild on DeviantArt, and here is the story of the Warrior-Loli species, known as Bujin:
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