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What kind of deodorant do you use?
Posted 8/15/16 , edited 8/15/16

bemused_Bohemian wrote:

I usually drive over to some nearby cattle barn during weekdays in the summer. Hang around, field cow turds so my shoes don't get stained, measure bull and cow heights by the hand method. With luck the A-C will be shorted out again so I'll overheat (being old) and have to leave, go home, turn on cable TV, wonder why wife and dog won't stay in same room unless 2 cans of Febreze was aerated throughout....pee you, smells like someone shit a Christmas tree almost. Not the greatest husband but at least we don't raise chickens and/or turkeys. Now, that's some stench!!

stars201.........what, pray tell, do you use?

So what are you trying to say? That you don't wear deodorant? Lol

I use stick! Sometimes, spray
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Posted 11/10/16 , edited 11/10/16
OP Nuked. Locked.
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