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Post Reply so lets talk about "racism"
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Posted 8/31/16 , edited 8/31/16

VZ68 wrote:

This is a neat piece of history.

When I first saw that I thought it was a leg of lamb.
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Posted 8/31/16

Metazoxan wrote:

Technically treating people differently because of race isn't racist.

People from different races can have various differences including habits and culture. It's fine to take that into consideration when dealing with people of a different race.

Now what IS racist is when you start treating them as if they are inferior to you because of their race or acting like you are somehow better.

That being said like many of us have already said Black people can very much be racist. Some of them act like they are entitled to so much and act like white people are just the symbol of evil. Now saying they are all like that but they are definitely there.

I mean seriously shut up and be grateful about the progress we've made. They think they have it bad now? How about when blacks had to give up their seats on the bus? Or when they were slaves? We've made great progress in moving past that and while there is still room for improvement it's not like we haven't been trying.

I think the best thing we can do is stop being so obsessed with the past and what happened back then and just move on. Acting like anyone owes anyone else anything for what happened before pretty much all of us were born won't change anything.

But remember that in the end jerks will always exist no matter what. So racism will NEVER completely go away because some people will always look for excuses to put other people down.

I feel like the people on crunchyroll are much smarter than the general internet population.
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