Post Reply Any recommended Magical Girl Series?
Posted 8/14/16
I have already watched:
Puella magi madoka Magica
Yuri kuma Arashi
Shugo Chara

I am currently watching:
Sailor moon
Go! Princess precure!
Mahoutsukai Precure.

Please give me some good recomendations.

Ps. I live in Norway, and not all Animes are available.
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Posted 8/14/16
Yuuki Yuuna is a hero
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Posted 8/14/16 , edited 8/14/16
Most magical girl anime aren't nowhere nearly as popular as Sailor Moon, but you can check out the original one called Sally The Witch or something, which was also made by Toei. Also check out Pretear if you like and this is the anime that I watched on cable TV ages ago. Never heard of Majokko Tickle, Lalabel, Miracle Girls, Magical Emi, Nurse Angel Ririka SOS, PreCure, Ultra Maniac, Magic User's Club or Magical Angel Sweet Mint, but you can watch that too.

Though not exactly an anime, you can also watch W.I.T.C.H., which is like an animated Harry Potter, but girlier. Want another one? then watch The Cosmopolitan Prayers too.
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Posted 8/14/16
Cardcaptor Sakura - Must see!

Fate/kaleid liner

Little Witch Academia and its sequel, The Enchanted Parade

Kill la Kill, not exactly mahou shoujo but has similar elements and is some of the most fun you can have in an anime

I haven't seen these yet but will still recommend them:
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Princess Tutu
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