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Posted 8/15/16
I am looking for a good VN to read. The only ones I've read are Tsukihime and Fate Stay Night just because I love Nasu Kinoko's work so much I was willing to try out a medium that never really appealed to me. So my question to the experienced VN folks is what is a good one to play through? I have no idea what to look for. I've seen people recommend Steins;Gate and Grisaia but I've seen both anime adaptations of those and I feel like I wouldn't enjoy them as much because of that. I'm looking to jump into something I have VERY minimal prior knowledge of and just enjoying a compelling story that will have me incredibly emotionally invested. That is how I felt reading Tsukihime and The parts of Fate Stay Night that weren't animated yet. I have seen a lot of anime and it is beyond hard to find an anime that can have me really emotionally invested in it which is why I'm looking toward a new medium now and I hoping I can get some help with this.
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Posted 8/15/16

G-senjou no Maou (The Devil on G-String): Mystery, romance, suspense, some comedy. There is an adult version; the version on Steam is censored just enough to pass their regulations (why is it so foggy in here?!?)

Katawa Shoujo: Free (legally). Pure romance VN. Not the most original, but done well.

Analogue, a Hate Story: Short and cheap, but tells a very interesting story in an unconventional way. Sci-fi, mystery, bit of romance.

Visual Arts/Key VNs: If you haven't watched Planetarian, Kanon, Clannad, Rewrite, or Little Busters, all of them have fantastic VNs. All are romances with some mystery and super-natural elements and a bit of comedy.

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Posted 8/17/16
The Zero Escape series is incredible character and story-wise. I cannot stress that enough! It's definitely a series that has the power to grip you emotionally and just, consume your life, basically. I highly recommend taking a look! ;_;

The games aren't strictly VNs (they have puzzle elements thrown in there too), but I think you'd love 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors (the first game in the series)! Quick plot summary: 9 people are kidnapped by the mysterious 'Zero' and trapped on a sinking ship, forced to seek a way out within 9 hours (all the while figuring out the mystery of Zero's identity and the purpose of the situation).

Ever 17 is by the same writer (bless you Kotaro Uchikoshi), but this one is a pure VN. Also an incredible story!
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Posted 8/19/16 , edited 8/19/16
You should definitely play the VN of Steins;Gate even if you've watched the anime. The VN is more fleshed out, detailed, goes more in depth with a lot things and the soundtrack is pretty awesome. Also you get multiple endings and can see different perspectives. Now I'm not saying that the VN is better than anime or vice versa, they're both equally good in my opinion. With all that said, you should definitely play it.
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