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Posted 8/19/16

I just watched this a month ago and was presently surprised. This show came out well before I started watching anime and I feel like it's rating suffers from it being a punching bag for moe anime. K-On! and to greater extent the 2nd season K-On!! is the best slice of life anime I have seen simply because it executes what it is doing flawlessly (even if it isn't doing much). There was no single moment where I realized that the show was great; I just gradually grew to like the show more and more the longer I watched until it became one of my all time favorites. Every character follows some sort of standard archetype and if someone unfamiliar with the show were to watch a random episode it would feel unrealistic and generic, yet if you watch the show from the beginning each characters actions feel natural and justified based on past character development that only strengthens the further you get into the series. Nothing significant really happens in the show it's just lighthearted and entertaining to watch while somehow still managing to hold my interest the entire way through.
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