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Post Reply Can any of you read a book in a day??
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Posted 11/30/16 , edited 11/30/16
People are being simplistic counting books as stories only or popular books as reference for reading. I can just say it is misleading on many factors including: a. your own pace (obvious); b. the kind of book and the purpose you have on doing so, c. amount of complexity of the book (Kafka and Dostoyevsky tend to be veeery difficult picks); d. On how much time or effort you can demand into it vs. how much attention you are paying to it.

The pace:

It is very particular. Everyone has a very particular pace. I am a very slow reader, but I read a lot. And when I say a lot it means I am always reading something. No matter when, but I read on the car, on school, on my home. I always carry a book. I have established as a rule that I am going to dedicate myself to two books maximum per time. If I do not do that I read ten titles at the same time and, obviously, I do not finish anyone of them.

The purpose:

If you are reading Narnia, Lord of The Rings, Susana Clarke, Neil Gaiman, Sidney Sheldon, Stephen King and even Haruki Murakami those are very modern and somewhat popular authors. At least concerning that they usually sell very well. However, reading Pierre Bourdieu, Dostoyevsky, Franz Kafka, Theoretical works on education or psychology or psychiatry it is certain you will get much slower pace than when reading your usual books. If it is a philosophy book you will have an EVEN slower pace. Just measure what you are reading.


a. Subject

b. Author

c. Complexity of the book

d. Purposes

e. Kind of Book


Narratives from contemporary authors tend to be very fast. That’s why most people say reading can be pretty fast. No complex questions, good book and attractive language plus a somewhat easy style makes no sweat on reading 800 pages such as I did with the Dark Tower series from Stephen King. Complex books tend to be hard to read and classics even more challenging. That is why you cannot consume many of them at a time without getting lost or frying your brains. At least, it is valid when reading more complicated books considering that your consumption SHOULD NOT be as fast as the usual pace. Do not be dumb.

Demand vs. Attention:

Do not read complex books if you are stressed, do not go for very dense books if you are anguished to the core and cannot stand a complex ideas discussion. It is ill health for sure. Not that you have to read them only when your mental state is perfect for them. If you do so you’ll never do it, but spare your gray matter from the effort if your mind is struggling with simple matters. If you think you have enough concentration it will take double time.

As for me, depends:

a. Popular books = 800 pages per day

b. Very complex and big ideas and writing = 30 to 40 pages per day (2 hours maximum per day)

c. Studies which I am very well versed, but nonetheless complex = 80 pages

d. Study books I need to read = Depending on the subject it goes around 40 to 60 pages per day.

The books I read are really complicated normally, so my pace gets “compromised” for the sake of comprehension and assimilation of the ideas. I am not particularly fond of inconsequent reading just to say I’ve read a lot. Not that I condemn simple readings. Far from that. What I cannot stand is when people try to read Plato, the Bible, Leo Strauss and Vigotsky and say they have done it "pretty easily" and mix all up everything. I think it is better to read less if you are going to read complex ideas and get most of it. If you are all and all for popular books read as many as you wish.

Also, who doesn't love to read comic strips daily?
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Posted 12/4/16
Prefer intensive reading over speed reading.
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