The true origins of Free will in relation to God and the devil
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I'm not forcing it as from the beginning I said free will is gods will. dont get it twisted. ps- homosexuality is a sin. ta-ta!

Free will was the result of eating from the tree of knowledge, and it was Lucifer who tricked mankind into eating from said tree, so technically, it was Lucifer who gave mankind free will, not God. God was opposed to mankind having free will, in fact, got so upset he gave women excruciating pain during childbirth because of how they did not have the free will to think for themselves, as he had originally made them to be. So, whose side are you on, exactly? Are you on God's side, or Lucifer's side? Mmmh, you do remind me of a devil-worshiper.

No no, theres some kind of part of the Bibble that says something to contradict this, im sure of it. But while this is on the table...From what I know of the bibble, God seems to have done a lot worse things to humanity than lucifer ever has.

No, God gave the angels free will to love and serve him, or fall into sin and be destroyed. Free will to do the right thing, an ultimatum. Do this, or this will happen to you. You decide. That is free will in the context of origin.

I reiterate, God created man to love/revere/worship and serve Him. Satan, or lucifer if you prefer to call him, decided, "I will not serve." So as grace is a gift from God, he fell from grace and is doomed. He and the angels that fell with him detest God for casting them out of heaven, and in time all that is good. What they want is for man to go down with them and suffer the same fate as they have in store for themselves.

He wasn't intending to make man "like gods", he was intending to sabotage man's favor with God in order to bring man down, just so they can out of contempt for God and all of creation.

So, as I've laid out for you in the first sentence, free will predates the tree. The tree was gods plan on the road to ultimate salvation through the inevitability of Christ Jesus, and the problem of evil is that god allows satan to test man to see if he maintains his faith through adversity and whatever hardships come their way, as they are temporal in the context of heaven, or conversely always and forever in the context of hell.

The context of knowing good from evil and gaining free will through the fruit is misunderstood, it was the temptation to "be like gods", a deception by the devil that God was aware of and allowed so time would proceed to christ's resurrection and ascention into heaven. Got it?

Now this is more of a response than you deserve, so be grateful.
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Posted 8/17/16 , edited 8/17/16

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Now this is more of a response than you deserve, so be grateful.

Starting a new thread on this subject is probably okay if it doesn't overlap too much with other existing threads, but starting a new thread as a way to reply to a post in a temporarily locked thread, isn't appropriate--especially when you end it with that kind of remark. That's exactly the sort of statement which I've just pointed out in that other thread makes civilized discussion difficult.

Therefore I've closed this thread. You'll be able to resume in the other thread soon.
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