What is the plot for your novel?
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Posted 8/17/16
Let me know if a thread like this one exist or not.
Thanks a bunches.

So, tell me, what is the plot for your novel? Who are your characters? How many chapters will it have? Have you started working on it already? Use this format below to describe your novel. If you want, you can put it in a spoiler for safety reasons.







Main Characters:

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Posted 8/18/16
Here is a new story that has come to my mind based on the recent events regarding my country.

Title: Ambivalence

Setting: Fedelmid Land / Fedelmidian Empire [fedelmid tranlates closely to "evergood" (fidelis + Midas)]

Genres: Identity crisis, Social critique, Colonialism, War,

POV: First person.

Premise: A member of the royal family is caught a situation that would drag human emotions and ideals back and forth.

Plot: [I will just allow you to see that below.]

Main Characters: Aurora Romilda von Fedelmid, Abnaire (Abnar) Bhraun, Herr Friedrich Stefan von Fedelmid

I will now leave a taste of what this tale is about.

Familiar faces.

He emerged from a blaze with murderous intent, a Knight of the King. I had realized that in that battlefield, under those rags, I was no one but another rebel. But regardless, it felt wrong. I felt so strange having the figure of a knight approach, not as a guardian but as my enemy. My hesitation nearly took me to the grave. I barely managed to draw my swords and parry his attack. I quickly retreated and raised my guard; the king’s man recognized me as a skilled opponent; he too raised his guard. It was a duel between faceless warriors; he fought the shadow that was my hooded face and I stared at his emotionless mask.

I had always wondered the purpose of having soldier wear masks. It was on that night when I found the answer. It is very simple to expend something that isn’t human. Something, but not someone. These men are dehumanized under their helms; we do not stop to think who they were. We rather see them only as our enemy, or as our soldiers, all but pieces on chess board. We see a fabricated persona but remain oblivious to the real human being within. They too are fathers and sons, brothers and friends, the heart and soul of a nation, they too are people. Call it cowardice or hypocrisy or anything you wish, the truth is we cover up reality just to have our peace of mind.

I was the first to press on the offensive. I had hoped to out-smart the knight by striking first with a single blade and then thrusting with the second. What a fool and a novice. I do admit it’s hard to think when one’s life is on the line, but to conceive a Knight of the King falling for such a lowly trick is plainly bold and arrogant. He was simply too quick with his reactions. Regardless, this was a matter of life or death and there was no retreat and no surrender. I continued to fight how I had been thought, seeking the opportunity to strike my opponent down with my off-hand blade. I was utterly helpless, before I even realized it, I was on the floor.

I faltered greatly but it was far too much to accept. I had fought him with the same style that the knights themselves procure. This too made him falter in doubt; it was during that brief moment when I nearly hacked his head away. He barely managed to react; my blade made contact only with his helm in that upward blow. The head gear went flying and his face was uncovered; in that moment I was petrified, that was a familiar face. The rest is as I have said before. That man, Julius… that old man who had been in my childhood a mentor and a friend, that man who I always pictured as a impassible and refined person incapable of harming anyone… I guess I remain far too naïve even after so many years, a child at heart.

He was about to end my life, he had been, undoubtedly, the victor; I was far drowned in my thoughts, in my reflection. He asked: “Where have you learned fight with such technique? Your moves, your dodges, your parries and strikes… you emulate us Knights, yet you fought like a new boy. You must the first commoner I’ve ever encountered to fight as such.” Julius was cut short of time for chatter. Out of the corner of my eye a saw a figure emerge from the fires and smokes, to charge upon the old man. Julius turned to defend himself from the new aggressor. The second man was Abnar, his scarf gave it away. Abnar was struck quickly; in my shock I could not device any good plan. I yelled “Stop! Julius!” as I uncovered my face.

Calling his name worked like a charm. He quickly turned his gaze towards me. The following scene will forever haunt me. I saw that collected man staring at my face with horrendous insane eyes, he had the gaze of a man who has committed the world’s greatest sin. He dropped his sword and approached me, soon collapsing on his knees. His only words: “Princess… forgive me. I should have known My Lady.” I approached and knelt before him. He quickly rose from the ground and forced me to a stand. He pleaded I did not bend my knee to lowly men like him; he claimed that was not right. Suddenly a sword came piercing through his chest and nearly plunged into mine. “I’m sorry… M’… Lady.” The blade was retracted and Julius fell, leaving the wounded figure of Abnar revealed as the killer.

I could have sworn I would be next. But then Abnar said: “The next time, it will go all the way through.” I was again in shock; he did not seem to recognize me. It felt as if hiding my identity had been all but pointless. No; that made little sense, so I asked: “Are you not going to kill me? I am the princess and you want the Crown to fall.” “You’re no use to me dead Aurora or should I call you highness. News of you royalty are anything but news to me. If I had wanted you dead, you would have been dead since the day you ran away from your palace. But I must warn you… DECIDE. Decide on who you are. You cannot play to be two people at once. Are you Aurora the princess or Aurora the freedom fighter?” Abnar cleaned his blade and then holstered it. “There will be no room for oligarchies in the new Republic. So, the next time I hear you calling yourself a princess, I’ll be sure to cleanly disembody your head just so you can glimpse at yourself briefly before you die.” Abnar turned his back on me and walked away into the firestorm.
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Posted 8/18/16
Title: Celestial Song

Setting: Modern-looking city with a lot of historical architecture, mostly-European-style but not based on any one particular place; most of it takes place in a palace.

Genre: Fantasy, romance... but actually sort of slice of life...

POV: third person.

Premise: A young musician inherits a magical artifact and must step into a ceremonial role and learn to use it; falls in love with a prince who was supposed to inherit the artifact, but couldn't handle it, so he feels like he has no place. The prince is also a musician, and they bond over music. There's no war or anything like that.

Main characters: Evren (the main character), Aurelio (the prince), Julia (another musician from Evren's troupe, and his friend), Calius (a high priest who trains Evren in magic), Kayir (A cousin of Evren's who is sort of like an older brother to him, and is also training him in magic).


Title: Emerald Prince

Setting: A fantasy world (don't hit me - it's not a generic RPG based one, I've never been into those)

Genre: Fantasy, mystery

POV: Third

Premise: Julien is transported to a fantasy world by Evindr, a sorcerer, in order to impersonate a missing prince. If that sounds fishy, it's because it is. And then they find a dead body and have to investigate a murder... which, of course, is connected to the disappearance of the prince.

Main characters:
Julien, Evindr, three High Sorcerers, a princess regent, and three other student sorcerers (along with Evindr).

... yes, I have a thing for prince-centric BL.
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Posted 8/25/16
It's in the early stages but here's a rough outline so far:

Plot: A trio of fans plan a roadtrip to a convention in order to meet their favorite author, not only to meet him in person, but to kidnap him as well for revenge in killing their favorite characters. Only, their favorite author is actually a teacher with a penchant for fantasy...and actually a woman posing as a man.

Setting: Current 2016 America...only on the East Coast.

Main Characters:

--BJ: our narrator/mc

--Christine: English HS teacher by day, best selling fantasy author posing as a male by night.

--Kira: Fangirl who's mad that her favorite couple in the books died off.

--John: straightman, not into fantasy but is more of an anime fan.

POV: mostly BJ and Christine's

Genre: Comedy, drama...
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Posted 8/26/16 , edited 8/26/16
Impossible to describe.
Way to messy.
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Posted 8/26/16
If I were to write a novel then it may be something like the following below.

Title: Dwellers of Endless Illusion

Setting: virtual reality worlds with some possible fantasy elements; a futuristic society where virtual reality is accessible to the mass.

Genres: media addiction, double life, virtual communities, social isolation, social force, politics

POV: multiple characters, invisible narrator

Premise: A user travel to many virtual worlds to handle social issues in virtual communities, keep a check on abusive game masters, stop those who want to isolate users in virtual reality, and gather anthropological data for solutions to virtual game addiction. During the travel, many moral issues is encountered and some of those moral issues lie in gray areas.
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Posted 8/29/16
Title: The Sorcerer As He Was, and How He Lived Through His Life

Setting: Earth; 2016

Genres: Psychological, Mystery, Action/Adventure, SciFi, Fantasy

POV: Third person; Following Leo

Premise: Leo's mother was killed in front of him, and he is hit with a terrible trauma. He is also an Ancient Sorcerer, locked in a battle against King Spade for millennia.

Plot: Not going to spoil it, XD haha!!

Main Characters: Leo, Spade, Jeremiah, Lily
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Posted 12/25/17
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