Shadow Star Narutaru: A fitting ending?
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Posted 8/18/16
So, I scrolled through and didn't find any posts about here goes:

I just finished the manga (well, kind of rushed through the last few chapters), after realizing that the anime had such a "read the manga" ending. So...If I may ask...what were your thoughts on the ending of the manga, and do you think it was a good ending? What did you think of the manga as a whole?

Personally, it feels as if the the author was attempting to create his own version of an Evangelion/Gainax ending. The manga-to-anime conversion was pretty good, and most of the manga was also relatively decent, up until the back fourth or so...but it seemed to go downhill from there.
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Posted 8/19/16 , edited 8/19/16
Narutaru ... that one was surely dark and depressing

the ending seems to me like mohiro kitoh just decided, fuck it we must have tragedy so he made humanity suicidal assholes just like that

I felt very empty from that ending
especially for what becomes of the main character Shiima
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Posted 8/19/16
Makes me nauseous just thinking about it
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Posted 12/30/17
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