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Post Reply Does it bother you when an anime character does NOT look their age?
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Posted 8/21/16 , edited 8/21/16
Isn't it just a plot device so apparent tsundere teenagers can be conveniently transferred into the protagonist's high school class to 'keep an eye on them', etc? Not to mention, isn't it also a convenient way for the animators to get some 'guilt free' sexuality in there, because, after all, they're not really teenagers, they're 7248 year old witches or space princesses, or something of the sort. In short, it seems dubious and overused, although it might have been interesting the first few times.
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Posted 8/21/16
It only bothers me when it's blatantly used as cover for sexual involvement between the characters or for particularly egregious fan service. I mean, aging a character up a few years isn't a big deal for the most part but when you've got a character that literally looks 10 but is called 18 just so they can show them in a sexual light then I have an issue.
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Posted 8/22/16
Sometimes it bothers me. Like in JoJo you can be 17 but have the body of a mid thirties body builder. The reverse is also weird depending on the age.

It's too popular for my tastes that so many anime's have super young looking loli girls who are actually 18-20 but look 13. It creeps me out for some of them. It seems to me that quite a lot of anime have this theme.
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